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Dear Traveller,
It’s time to welcome spring!
As winter draws to a close, our newsletter this month turns to thoughts of spring. Much as we love to feel the crunch of snow on the ground and the shimmer that results from a hard frost, it’s time to put the winter behind us and welcome the warmer weather.
As in many parts of the world, it’s a time to mark the change of season with carnival. In Russia, Shrovetide is known as масленица, translating as Maslenitsa or Maskenitsa. Whichever word you use, this celebration takes place the week before Great Lent commences, as it has been for centuries.
The week-long festival is characterised by fairs and parties. Great Lent is a time to focus on your spiritual life and Orthodox Christians eschew lively gatherings in favour of a more introspective period. Maslenitsa, therefore, is the last chance to let your hair down. Likewise, Orthodox Christians have already given up meat, and the penultimate week before Great Lent marks the final opportunity to eat dairy produce before giving it up for 40 days. Not surprisingly, therefore, the week of Maslenitsa is a time to eat blinis topped with cheese, butter or soured cream. That’s why you might find the festival referred to as “Cheese Week” or “Crepe Week”.
Each day of the festivities has a special significance. Thursday is traditionally the most fun, while Friday is a time to spend with the family – it’s known colloquially as “Mother in Law’s Evening” when the husband has his wife’s mother over for a meal. The culmination of Maslenitsa is on the Sunday, this year falling on 26th February, which is referred to as “Forgiveness Sunday”. Straw dolls or scarecrows are burned, symbolising the death of winter.
Each Russian city has its own programme of events, making this a great time to visit the country, particularly Moscow. If it’s a little late for you to be making plans for this year, then put it on the calendar for 2018 and head for the UK capital instead: the Maslenitsa celebrations in London are the largest of their kind outside Russia.
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