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Dear Traveller,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Go Russia team!
We can’t believe it’s that time again! Christmas is almost upon us and while we are enjoying the festivities here in the UK our thoughts also turn to Russia. Christmas is actually celebrated there on January 7th, at the end of Advent which we mark from November 28th until January 6th. Since the end of the Soviet era, the Christmas celebrations in Russia have experienced something of a renaissance.
First, we see in the New Year, of course. At the stroke of midnight, President Putin will address the nation and then we will make our customary toast:
С Новым Годом, с новым счастьем! - To the New Year, to the new happiness!
Afterwards, champagne in hand, it’s time to party and of course, you’re welcome to join us. It’s a great time of year to be in Russia: with snow on the ground and with a little luck, clear blue skies to allow the sunshine to add a little sparkle, the unmissable sights of great cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg will be at their best.
A few days later, we’ll toast again:
C рождеством! - Merry Christmas!
A feast is prepared. On Christmas Eve, it’s not the norm to eat meat. Instead we’ll start with a kind of porridge called sochivo (or the similar kutya) made from wheat, topping it with honey, berries, walnuts and poppy seeds. Traditionally, it’s shared from one bowl, to demonstrate that we Russians stick together. Another tradition is to throw a spoonful at the ceiling, generally initiated by those who have no intention of taking on the cleaning, as it’s considered good luck if it sticks. Later, we’ll eat borsch, our famous beetroot soup, or another soup called solyanka, then salads and sauerkraut. If there’s any room left, someone can be relied upon to produce a plate of gingerbread or honeybread cookies. Finally we drink a glass of vzvar, hot water infused with a sweet mix of honey and dried fruit.
We still have one more celebration to enjoy before we go back to work. Old New Year is marked on January 13th using the Julian calendar that predated the current Georgian calendar which came into effect in 1918.
With so many holidays to choose from, we’re sure you can time your visit to include at least one. Happy holidays!
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We’re pleased to announce our most popular tours for 2017 season: city-breaks, Trans-Siberian trips, Russian river cruises, adventure holidays as well as visa-free tours to Russia. Please see below for more details.

Winter St. Petersburg, Kizhi Island and Karelian Village Discovery Tour (KL-10)
You will start this exciting 7-day tour from the beautiful "Venice of the North", St. Petersburg and then continue to the Russian North to enjoy thousands of frozen rivers and lakes and vast areas covered in snowy forests...
From £795 7 days
Snowmobile Safari to the Snowy Domes of Kizhi (KL-05)
You will start this exciting 6-day tour from the beautiful “Venice of the North”, St. Petersburg. In a very short time you can take in the history and culture of this truly unique and memorable city and explore its major attractions. From there you will visit Karelia...
From £1,095 6 days

Best of Moscow & St. Petersburg Guided Tour (CB-17)
This is our most popular tour and deservedly so. Combining Russia's two greatest cities, you'll experience the best this country can offer. Offering a full sightseeing programme, this eight day tour encompasses Russia's cultural treasures, iconic archite...
From £895 8 days
Great Discovery of Southern Russia: Sochi – Gelendzhik – Krasnodar (CB-33)
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From £1,695 10 days

Best of Trans-Mongolian: Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk - Baikal - Mongolia - Beijing (TS-11)
On our “Best of Trans-Mongolian” tour, you will visit the important cities of the longest railway in the world from west to east. You will visit the three countries of Russia, Mongolia and China, observing the differences in culture and lan...
From £2,095 17 days
Epic Trans-Siberian: St. Petersburg - Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk - Baikal - Vladivostok (TS-16)
Many tours claim to be epic, but spanning eight time zones and over 6000 miles, this one truly is! On this 16 day tour, we’ll travel from St Petersburg east to Vladivostok by way of Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Lake...
From £1,795 16 days

Cruise - St. Petersburg - Golden Ring - Moscow - 11 Days (CR-01)
With its combination of rich history, a varied cultural programme and breathtaking scenery, this tour is a must for anyone wishing to delve beneath the surface of Russia's most intriguing cities. Beginning in St Petersburg, we'll cruise via th...
From £1,395 11 days
Cruise - St. Petersburg - Golden Ring - Moscow Onboard Ms Rostropovich 5* (CR-44)
Cruising has never been so luxurious than if you’re aboard one of the most stylish ships on Russian waterways on this eight day tour from St Petersburg to Moscow via the Golden Ring. The MS Rostropovich, offering the same level of quality as a float...
From £2,095 8 days

Climbing to the Highest Mountain in Europe - Elbrus (EL-01)
We invite you to join our tour to climb the legendary Mount Elbrus (5,642m) - one of the World’s Seven Summits and an essential ascent for those who can meet the challenge and reach the roof of Europe! Travelling among...
From £1,095 10 days
The Best of Kamchatka All In one Trip - Bears and Volcanoes (KK-06)
This truly unique tour for wild life and nature lovers will take place only once a year – in August, the best time to observe so many natural species in one place. You will travel to Kurilskoye Lake situated in the crater of an anci...
From £3,495 12 days

Explore Russia Visa-Free by Ferry from Helsinki: St. Petersburg - 4 days (CB-29)
It’s possible to visit Russia without the need for a visa, and this tour is one such holiday. Arriving by ferry from Helsinki, you’ll be able to discover the beautiful city of St Petersburg. You’ll stay in a centrally located hotel at Nevsky...
From £425 4 days
Cruise - Along The Volga: Rostov - Volgograd - Nyzhny Novgorod - Moscow (CR-37)
This fifteen-day cruise begins in the modern trading hub of Rostov-on-Don to Russia’s famously vibrant capital, Moscow. On the way, you’ll explore historic Volgograd, rebuilt after the World War Two destruction during ...
From £1,595 15 days


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