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Dear Traveller,
A lot’s changed since the Revolution!
2017 marks the 100 th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Many of us are familiar with the major events of that Revolution and the nature of the Communist state which followed it, but what was life like in Russia in 1917?
Times were tough for the ordinary man in the street. Like many European nations, Russia was embroiled in the fighting associated with World War One. Untrained men, many of them still very young, were conscripted to join the Russian Army. They had little or no equipment and losses were almost unbearably heavy. Every day brought more news of slaughter and suffering. With morale at an all time low, the Russian people looked for someone to blame and the Tsar and his Imperial regime was the obvious choice. Things were barely better back home. Food shortages had reached critical levels and fuel was also hard to come by. In the harsh Russian winter, this hideous combination was deadly. Factory workers toiled for exploitative bosses and saw the buying power of their pitiful wages reduced yet further by rampant inflation. Peasants scratched a living from their fields using out of date farming methods that yielded little. Little wonder that when Lenin and the Bolsheviks came along, they had a receptive audience.
Ideas began to filter in from the West which suggested that change could be achieved and the lot of the common man could be improved. Political activists extolled the virtues of democracy, an alternative to the autocratic regime favoured by the Tsar. On 23 February 1917 women left the factories of St Petersburg to join a parade to mark International Women’s Day. (In case you’re thinking that day doesn’t compute, remember that at the time, Russia used the Julian calendar, meaning March 8 th fell on the last Saturday in February.) Men joined them in their protest against food shortages and by the following day, pretty much everyone was on strike in support of the cause. To cut a long story short, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated but the provisional government that was formed to lead Russia was unpopular and unstable. It was chaos, and Lenin took full advantage returning to Russia from exile in Switzerland, touting “Peace, land and bread”. The October Revolution was inevitable.
A hundred years on, the Russian government is the one tasked with dealing with the tricky issue of how to mark the centenary. Lenin was a revolutionary, Tsar Nicholas II a weak and out of touch despot. Neither makes a good role model. The Romanovs were canonised by the Russian Orthodox Church, yet the Voykovskaya station on the Moscow Metro is still named after one of the men responsible for their execution. It’s confusing, but fascinating, part of the complex history of Russia which makes it so intriguing to the foreign visitor. So while there are no official festivities marking the events of the Revolution, 2017 is a time to reflect on Russia’s past and ponder its future.

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