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Dear Traveller,
Golden Russia – Enjoy Magnificent Autumn Colours
“I love the lavish withering of nature,
The gold and scarlet raiment of the woods,
The crisp wind rustling o'er their threshold.”

So wrote Alexander Pushkin in his poem “Autumn”.
We know it’s still the summer holidays, but if you’re hoping to visit Russia to see those magnificent autumn colours that enchanted Pushkin, then you need to be planning your trip now. Forget about New England in the fall and instead, why not ride the iconic Trans- Siberian across the vast steppe?
After the intense heat of a Russian summer, the falling temperatures are a blessing. By mid-September, thoughts are turning to the change in season. Sometimes, you’ll experience what’s known as “babe leto” meaning “grandmother’s summer” – the closest translation in the UK would be an Indian summer. By October, the chill in the air has turned the leaves to ochres, golds and russet reds.
Start your Trans-Siberian adventure with a few days in the nation’s capital, Moscow. Culture buffs will be pleased to learn that this is the start of the season, with a clutch of premieres and opening nights to make a visit particularly special. Step onboard the train to begin your Trans-Siberian odyssey and relax as the train carries you out to the Golden Ring. It’s a short hop from Vladimir’s station to pretty Suzdal, whose meadows are strewn with leaves at this time of year, setting off the church domes to perfection as they glint in the autumn sunshine.
Further east, the summer crowds at Lake Baikal will have thinned but the ice has yet to form on the lake. Don scarves and jackets to stroll along the picturesque shoreline. The wind might have whipped up a little, but at least the temperatures won’t plummet below zero quite yet. The lake’s beauty is only enhanced by the lack of people you’ll have to share it with.
Autumn’s special in many of the world’s temperate destinations, but we think riding the Trans-Siberian at this time of year is one of the best travel experiences you can get. Why not check out our extensive range of Trans-Siberian holidays online and then give us a call to discuss your requirements?

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