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Dear Traveller,
Are you eligible for visa free travel to Russia?
Russiaís long been one of those countries whose visa reputation has been, not to put too fine a point on it, daunting. You might have been put off by the expense, or the amount of bureaucracy involved. Of course, many tour companies and travel agencies will take care of the application for you, but with so many visa-free choices when it comes to destinations, we can understand why for some people, Russiaís visa requirement has been a sticking point.
But thatís all changed Ė at least for some passport holders. Last summerís World Cup brought a change of heart and helped break down some of the barriers and misconceptions that had previously existed. Further to this softening of attitudes, on 1st October 2019, the Russian authorities introduced an e-visa for St Petersburg for nationals of 53 countries, including most of the EU and others including Japan, Turkey and India. The full list can be found on our website.
Right now, it doesnít cover the UK, but if youíre the bearer of a British passport, donít go away Ė thereís a workaround that might just be enough which weíll get to in just a minute. So, this e-visa makes life a whole lot simpler for those eligible. The process has been designed to reduce traveller stress. Thereís an online form to fill in, so no need for a time consuming trip to the embassy, and no fee to pay. As well as being free, itís also easy. E-visas are approved within four days Ė and that includes weekends and holidays. There are a few stipulations, of course. At the moment this visa isnít available to those arriving by rail, but all air, naval, automobile and pedestrian checkpoints located in St Petersburg and the Leningrad region are covered. Itís very good news for citizens of those 53 countries.
Brits, if youíre still reading this, donít be too disheartened. That workaround we mentioned? Visa-free travel is possible if you arrive via a cruise ship or ferry and take up an organised tour with a licensed operator, such as Go Russia. You can stay for up to 72 hours before the requirement to hold a visa kicks in, more than enough to see how magnificent the place is. The cities where this policy applies are: St Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok, Sochi, Vyborg, Korsakov (Sakhalin Island) and Novorossiysk. In practice, St Petersburg is the most convenient of those for British visitors.
Go Russia currently offer two visa-free packages, one focusing on St Petersburg and the other a combi tour which adds Moscow to the mix. Both tours begin and end in the Finnish capital Helsinki and include ferry crossings to St Petersburg. Youíll enjoy seeing world-class sights such as the Peter & Paulís Fortress and Hermitage in St Petersburg; in the Russian capital you could be standing in Red Square gazing up at the colourful domes of St Basilís Cathedral or stepping inside the Kremlin. On the twin centre trip, the use of an overnight train journey to and from Moscow means that you donít waste a moment of your sightseeing time. Meanwhile the single centre option gives you more time to enjoy the delights of elegant St Petersburg, including the chance to take a boat trip on its famous canals. The dates and prices for these confirmed departures are displayed on our website Ė all you need to do is choose the one thatís right for you. What could be simpler than that?
Celebrate New Year 2020 in Russia!
It is not too late to book our citybreak tour to St. Petersburg and Moscow departing 26 December 2019.
This eight-day holiday is a very special trip offering you the chance to join the Russians for their unrivalled New Year celebrations. Combining elegant, romantic St Petersburg with modern, vibrant Moscow, youíll enjoy the festive spirit in two of the cities. This unforgettable tour, taken against a charming backdrop of snowy winter cityscapes, includes a full sightseeing programme and some specially selected seasonal activities such as a magical trip to the ballet and a troika ride. £1.545 per person incl. flights & visa. And there is still plenty of time to arrange your Russian visa. Read more

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