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Discover Russia and Mongolia: from Moscow to Vladivostok via Mongolia (TS-28)

Group size
2-14 people
All year
18 days
Mongolia, Russia
Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Ulan-Ude, Vladivostok, Ulaanbaatar, Terelj
from £2,595
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This trip’s perfect if you wish to follow the classic Trans-Siberian route to Vladivostok but just can’t bear to miss Mongolia’s spectacular landscapes. Travel across Russia exploring its history and rich cultural heritage before experiencing life with the nomads and the beautiful scenery of Mongolia’s Terelj National Park.

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Moscow by Night City Tour by CarMoscow combines the best of old and modern architecture. It is a city of long avenues and majestic squares, leafy boulevards, parks and gardens, new luxury housing, bridges, the granite embankments of Moscow River, and the unique cultural and historical sites. Discover Moscow by night with a guided city tour by car.
3 hours | £75 per person
Tretiakov Gallery Guided TourA guided tour of the Tretiakov Gallery, the biggest collection of Russian fine art in the world. The core of the museum's collection was assembled in the middle of the nineteenth century by Pavel Tretiakov, a wealthy Moscow merchant whose passion for collecting included violins, birds, and milk cows as well as Russian art. The museum represents the whole history of Russian art from the ancient period until now. There are more than 130 000 unique examples of painting, sculpture and graphics, created throughout the centuries by talented Russian artists.
4 hours | £80 per person
Diamond Fund Guided TourThe Diamond Fund is located in the Kremlin Armoury containing the most valuable gems of Russia - a collection of masterpieces of jewellery of the 18th-20th centuries, rare precious stones, gold and platinum nuggets of great artistic, historic and scientific importance. It is one of the few treasuries in the world that house unique crown jewels. The exhibition features such treasures as diamond encrusted Coronation Crown of Catherine the Great, the world-famous 190-carat Orlov Diamond among other stunning examples.
2 hours | £100 per person

Day 1 – Saturday
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
After your flight touches down in Moscow, you'll meet a representative holding a Go Russia sign who will drive you to your hotel for an overnight stay.
Day 2 – Sunday
Moscow City Tour by Car
Red Square, St. Basil`s & Lenin Mausoleum Guided Tour
On the agenda today is a tour of the Russian capital. Accompanied by a guide, you'll begin in Lubyanka Square, which in Soviet times was the centre of operations for the KGB. Nearby is Teatralnaya Square, where you'll find the Bolshoi Theatre. Walking the back lanes and side streets of Moscow, your guide will fill you in on some of the area's rich history and stories. Together you'll stroll along Tverskaya Street, Moscow's equivalent of London's Oxford Street, with plenty of shops and restaurants to distract you. Finally, we will end up in Red Square in front of the colourful domes of St Basil's Cathedral. Nearby is Lenin's Mausoleum, a fascinating (if perhaps a little creepy) chance to see the former Russian leader in his embalmed state. You'll also have the opportunity to shop in GUM department store.
Day 3 – Monday
Kremlin Grounds & the Armoury Guided Tour
Moscow Metro Guided Tour
Transfer from the hotel to the railway station
The Kremlin awaits this morning, once home to the Imperial family and now the base of the Russian president. Within its thick walls, you'll find Cathedral Square with its gleaming domes. We’ve arranged a tour of the Armoury Museum, which houses an extensive collection of treasures including Faberge eggs, ancient weaponry and the chalice of Yuri Dolgorukiy. Before you leave, we'll squeeze in a trip on the Moscow Underground. Its stations are ornately embellished with mosaics, sculptures and stained glass - you'll agree they are almost palatial in their opulence. Return to your hotel and connect with our driver who'll deliver you to the train station in good time to catch your overnight service to Yekaterinburg.
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Train: Moscow - Yekaterinburg
Day 3 – Monday
Night train: Moscow - Yekaterinburg
You will travel on a comfortable fast train to Yekaterinburg. Both 1st (2 berth) and 2nd (4 berth) class compartments are available. Clean linen, including sheets, towels, blankets and pillows are provided for each berth. The train also has a dining car that serves good meals. Arrival in Yekaterinburg late in the evening next day.
Day 4 – Tuesday
Transfer from the railway station to the hotel
The train pulls into Yekaterinburg station late this evening. A driver will be waiting to collect you from the platform and transfer you to the hotel where you can rest.
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Day 5 – Wednesday
Ganina Yama & Cathedral on the Blood Guided Tour
Guided Visit to the Europe - Asia Border
Transfer from the hotel to the railway station
Yekaterinburg is infamous as the place of execution of the last Russian Tsar and his family. You'll make a pilgrimage to the Memorial Cathedral on the Blood in the name of all Saints. It was built on the site of the execution and a visit is a moving experience. Our next stop is at the Ganina Pit. Here, in the orthodox monastery, the remains of the Imperial family were interred for a time. This ancient pine forest contains seven wooden churches. Pausing at the memorial to victims of Stalin's oppression, we'll continue on to the obelisk that marks the boundary between Europe and Asia. It's customary to toast the spot with a glass of champagne and we will come prepared. Then it's back to the hotel to gather up our luggage before catching a train to Siberia.
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Train: Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk
Day 5 – Wednesday
Night train: Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk
We board our train late in the evening. The train to Irkutsk takes three days, but it’s a good opportunity to experience the Trans-Siberian as it should be enjoyed. Rest in your comfortable compartment as you travel sedately through the Russian steppe. Converse with your companions and others taking this popular long distance service.
Irkutsk - Listvyanka
Olkhon Island Extension - 4 daysWe invite you to visit the heart of the lake Baikal - the island of Olkhon, glorified in many legends. It is the largest of the lake's 30 islands and it contains 143 unique archaeological objects – graves, remains of ancient settlements, ruins, shaman worship monuments and many others. You will also be able to enjoy magnificent natural views, sandy beaches and even swim in the lake (average water temperature in July – August 18 degrees C).
£475 per person
Circum-Baikal Railway Guided Tour by TrainThe Circum-Baikal is not just a railway, but a unique museum of history and nature, combining architecture with zoology, mineralogy and geology. Go Russia invites you to join us on the breathtaking journey around Lake Baikal, on the Circum-Baikal Railway, which runs along the North shore of the Southern part of the lake, from the village of Slyudyanka to the Port Baikal settlement. This is a full-day guided tour, which may start from either Irkutsk or the village of Listvyanka.
11 hours | £225 per person
Circum-Baikal Railway Walking TourEnjoy a walking tour along the Circum-Baikal railway – a truly historic line - starting from Port Baikal to the first or second tunnel. You’re bound to be impressed by the stunning views of Lake Baikal, its magnificent beauty and the surrounding hills. This is a circular route, which starts and ends in Listvyanka village.
6 hours | £65 per person
Trekking at Baikal with PicnicNote: you need to be fit to participate in this trek. This is a circular route hike which starts and ends in Listvyanka. First half of the walk goes through the Taiga forest, then the trail leads down to the shore of Lake Baikal. On the lake shore the guide will cook for you a delicious lunch on camp-fire. After sunbathing and swimming in the lake, we continue our walk on the hillside enjoying the panorama of Lake Baikal along the way. You will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide.
6 hours | £65 per person

Day 8 – Saturday
Transfer by car / minibus: Irkutsk - Listvyanka
At leisure at Baikal
Home has been a long distance train for several days but it's time to alight and stretch our legs. Irkutsk is a characterful city in the heart of Siberia. But it's tantalisingly close to Lake Baikal and the delightful village of Listvyanka. After a short journey of 70km by road, you'll reach the shores of this great lake and have free time to explore. We'd recommend the interesting Baikal Lake Museum, the impressive St Nicolas Russian Orthodox Church and the bustle of the village's busy market where you can try omul, the local smoked fish. Whichever you choose, make time for a boat trip on the lake itself.
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Listvyanka - Irkutsk
Olkhon Island Extension - 4 daysWe invite you to visit the heart of the lake Baikal - the island of Olkhon, glorified in many legends. It is the largest of the lake's 30 islands and it contains 143 unique archaeological objects – graves, remains of ancient settlements, ruins, shaman worship monuments and many others. You will also be able to enjoy magnificent natural views, sandy beaches and even swim in the lake (average water temperature in July – August 18 degrees C).
£475 per person

Day 9 – Sunday
Transfer by car / minibus: Listvyanka - Irkutsk
Open-air Wooden Architecture Museum in Taltsy
Irkutsk City Tour
Today, we will backtrack to Irkutsk, stopping en route to visit the wooden architecture museum at Taltsy. Its picturesque location on the banks of the Angara River, surrounded by coniferous forest, is as captivating as the exhibits. Explore the inside of a Russian fort, step inside a shaman yurt and learn about the lifestyle of the local Buryat and Evenk people. Take in the view from the 15th century watchtower before returning to Irkutsk, dubbed the Paris of Siberia. The city has a curious mix of Parisian style stone buildings and rustic wooden cottages adorned with fretwork shutters and trims. Overnight in a hotel in Irkutsk.
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Day 10 – Monday
Transfer from the hotel to the railway station
It’s time to take a detour south to the welcoming nation of Mongolia. Our driver meets you at your accommodation and brings you to the train station.
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Train: Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar
Day 10 – Monday
Night train: Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar
We leave the warm hospitality of the Siberian Russians and start our trip to Mongolia by comfortable train. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar next day early in the morning.
Ulan Bator - Terelj
Day 11 – Tuesday
Transfer by car / minibus: Ulaanbaatar - Terelj
Chinggis Khaan Monument Guided Tour
Terelj National Park Guided Trip
Your guide will be waiting for you as your train pulls into Ulan Bator station. Hop in the car and set off for one of Mongolia’s most famous sights: a 40 metre high gleaming statue of Chinggis Khaan (also known as Genghis Khan). The great warrior sits on horseback in the countryside a short drive from the capital and is currently the largest equestrian statue anywhere in the world. It’s possible to climb to the horse’s head - the reward is a breathtaking panoramic view. From there you’ll travel to Terelj National Park, famous for its Alpine scenery littered with granite outcrops. You’ll visit Turtle Rock, one of the park’s most recognisable landforms and also hike up to Aryabal Monastery. This area is populated with nomads and you’ll find out a little about their way of life as you milk a cow and help the family make dairy products. Overnight accommodation in summer will be a traditional felt tent called a ger and a wooden lodge affording more protection from the cold in winter.
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Terelj - Ulan Bator
Day 12 – Wednesday
Transfer by car / minibus: Terelj - Ulaanbaatar
Ulan Bator City Tour
Guided Visit to the National History Museum
Heading back to the capital by car, you’ll enjoy a city tour of Ulan Bator this morning. Highlights include the Gandan Hiid Monastery - Mongolia’s largest - Sukhebaatar Square and the Museum of Natural History, which exhibits dinosaur remains found in the Gobi Desert and archaeological finds from the Mesozoic Era. Learn about Mongolia's rich cultural heritage from your guide before enjoying an evening at leisure.
Day 13 – Thursday
Transfer from the hotel to the railway station
Today, you’ll say farewell to Mongolia and transfer to the train station in Ulan Bator. The train will take you north to the Russian city of Ulan-Ude.
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Train: Ulaanbaatar - Ulan-Ude
Day 13 – Thursday
Night train: Ulaanbaatar - Ulan-Ude
Train to Ulan-Ude. Departure from Mongolia in the afternoon, arrival in Ulan-Ude early in the morning next day.
Ulan Ude
Day 14 – Friday
Orientation meeting with a local guide
You’ll have free time to explore Ulan-Ude a little before you need to catch your train to Vladivostok. Check out the statue of Lenin’s head in the main square, Ploshchad Sovetov, for a selfie. Alternatively, the gilded stupas of Datsan Rinpoche Bagsha, a Buddhist temple a half hour walk north of the station, are another memorable sight. Make your way back to the train station in good time to catch the long distance sleeper to Vladivostok.
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Train: Ulan-Ude - Vladivostok
Day 14 – Friday
Night train: Ulan-Ude - Vladivostok
Train to Vladivostok. Arrival in Vladivostok three days later.
Ferry Eastern Dream: Russia - Korea - JapanM.V. Eastern Dream offers regular sea connection between Russia, South Korea and Japan. This is an optimal choice for you if you would like to continue your Trans-Siberian tour further east or alternatively you can arrive from Japan and join our trip from Vladivostok to Moscow.
£295 per person

Day 17 – Monday
Transfer from the railway station to your accommodation
Vladivostok City Tour & Visit to the Submarine Museum
The eastern port city of Vladivostok is journey’s end. Our driver will be waiting for you at the platform; look out for a Go Russia sign. Freshen up at your hotel and head out for a city tour. Key sights include the City Fortress, the Intercession Church and the Catholic Church. But this is a maritime city, so the highlight will be a visit to the Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya (Warship Embankment). There, you’ll learn a little about the history of the Soviet fleet and how it was used during the Second World War. Also on the cards is a fascinating visit to a Soviet C-56 submarine.
Day 18 – Tuesday
Transfer from the hotel to the airport
Your tour draws to a close this morning and our driver will ensure you reach the airport in good time for your flight home.
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31/08/2024 - 17/09/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
07/09/2024 - 24/09/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
14/09/2024 - 01/10/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
21/09/2024 - 08/10/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
28/09/2024 - 15/10/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
05/10/2024 - 22/10/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
12/10/2024 - 29/10/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
19/10/2024 - 05/11/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
26/10/2024 - 12/11/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
02/11/2024 - 19/11/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
09/11/2024 - 26/11/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
16/11/2024 - 03/12/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
23/11/2024 - 10/12/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
30/11/2024 - 17/12/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
07/12/2024 - 24/12/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
14/12/2024 - 31/12/2024 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now
21/12/2024 - 07/01/2025 £2,595 / £3,495 £245 / £795 £695 book now

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  7. Discouns for children.
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It was a fantastic trip. Just Go Russia representatives were helpful knowledge and very nice from start to finish.
Russia excellent on all things, Mongolia outstanding on all things, I would do the trip again for Mongolia. The guide and driver were the best. Train great fun.
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I like very much the responsive of the office for any question and arrangement. Julia and Lilia were professional and very helpful. The tour itself went very smoothly all the pick ups, trains and tours where exactly at time and coordinated very well, including the joining of my wife in Mongolia. The hotels and the trains were exactly as promised.
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Whole trip went very smoothly. As a solo female traveler I felt very safe and everything went without any problems.
This was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Would I undertake the trip again? In a heartbeat! The support from London was great and the organisation on-route excellent. The guides were all good and several were outstanding and really catered for our needs. Thank you to the staff of Just Go Russia - loved it!
What was planned was fulfilled - meeting up with taxis, guides etc. Chosen venues to visit were as wanted. Knowledge of guides excellent.
Overall it was a very good experience and we were very pleased. The guide in Mongolia, Ulanbator was excellent. She was very caring looked into our individual needs and went out of the way to make our tour in Ulanbator special. She was very knowledgeable enthusiastic and passionate. Thank you.

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