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Flights & Luggage Problems
Delayed flights or missed luggage

Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flights & Luggage Problems

How to get compensation for flight delays and what to do if your luggage has not arrived at your destination.


General advice. Normally if you're delayed at your final destination by more than 3 hours and that delay arises from causes within the control of the airline rather than extraordinary events which could not have been avoided by all reasonable measures, you can claim compensation from the airline according to the EU rules (subject to limitations): 
  • €250 for flights of up to 1,500 km;
  • €400 for flights within the EU of more than 1,500 km, and for all other flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km;
  • €600 for all other flights.
Flights from London to Russia are over 1.500 km (less then 3.500 km). 

We also advise to keep any food, transport and accommodation receipts and you can try to make a claim for reimbursement by contacting your airline.

How to claim compensation under EU rules. As per airline rules you will need to make your claim yourself, as the airlines need to know your actual delay time, your personal details, etc. You can claim for other passengers on the same booking.

Claim compensation from British Airways

Alternative dispute resolution options. Please check the Civil Aviation Authority website for information on alternative ways to dispute your claim. 


The new Montreal Convention of 1999 governs air carrier liability in the event of damage to passengers and their baggage during flight journeys. The procedures were also adopted in EU regulations.

Luggage delay: the air company is liable for damage unless it took all reasonable measures to avoid the damage or it was impossible to take such measures. The liability for luggage delay is limited to 1.000 SDRs (approximate amount: GBP1.100, EUR1.200).

Luggage damage or loss: the air company is liable for loss or damage to luggage for up to 1000 SDRs. In case of checked baggage, the airlines is liable unless the baggage was defective. In case of unchecked baggage, the carrier is liable only if it was at fault.

Higher limits for luggage liability: a passenger can benefit from a higher liability limit by making a special declaration at check-in and by paying a supplementary fee.

How to claim compensation: if your luggage is damaged, delayed or lost, you must complain in writing to the airline as soon as possible. 
  • In the case of damage to checked baggage, the passenger must complain within 7 days, and in the case of delay within 21 days from the date when the luggage was placed at the customer's disposal.
  • In the case of delayed luggage you need to file your claim at the destination airport.


Once your delayed luggage has been reported at the airport, you will receive a file reference. Using this information, you can trace the status of your luggage online.