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Visit Russia and its neighbours with the Go Russia travel experts. Go Russia is a UK based tour operator specialising in holidays to Russia, trips to the countries of the former USSR, tours to Mongolia and China. No matter where in the region you’d like to go, we have a package holiday for you, from tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg - our most popular city break packages, to leisurely Russian river cruises and visa-free tours to Russia. If you wish to visit Russia further, we can lead you along the Golden Ring or take you on a cross-continental Trans-Siberian rail journey. For adrenaline junkies we also organise adventure holidays in Russia, such as climbing Mount Elbrus, discover volcanoes of Kamchatka, horse-riding in the Altai Mountains and more.
We’re also a special event specialist, so whether you want to attend the MAKS International Aerospace Show or the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we can make it happen. We are also proud to be one of the few providers in the world offering truly unique space and aviation related programmes - flights on supersonic MIG-29 fighters, private tours of the Cosmonaut Training Centre (Star City), tours to the Baikonur cosmodrome to witness International Space Station mission launches. With us, the world - and beyond - really is your oyster.
Forget what you’ve heard about Russia being a cold country. That only goes for our winter weather. Russia has deep-seated traditions of hospitality, kindness and generosity which ensure that our visitors are guaranteed a friendly welcome.  We’re keen to show you our culture and that of our Mongolian and Chinese neighbours. Go Russia will take care of all the arrangements, from visas to travel, accommodation to the very best sightseeing programmes - all you have to do is enjoy your tour with us.
There are several ways you can find out more about Go Russia and our package tours. Follow our blog, read more about what people think about Go Russia on Tripadvisor or give us a call to talk about where we can take you. Read more why you should travel with us or start finding your perfect holiday itinerary.

Exciting adventures could be just around the corner. Travel to Russia with the experts! Find your tour online now! We wish you a safe and pleasant journey and hope you book a package tour to Russia or along the Trans-Siberian railway with us! Please note all our packages to Russia are financially protected.

  • Go Russia offers the best service I have encountered after a dozen trips to Russia. I wish I'd found their services earlier - I'd have saved myself a lot of trouble...
    Jonathon Reynolds: Rough Guides
  • Moscow is unlike any other European tour I have been on and Go Russia are well connected which helped make the trip run smoothly, they are also very good at revealing the hidden gems...
    L. Levenson: Destinations
  • If you're looking for people who really know Russia - who live and love this great, complex, totally enthralling country and its people - you've found them at Go Russia. Genuinely thoughtful service...
    Jeremy Head: Wanderlust
  • Go Russia not only offers efficient service, and genuine expertise, but also has the courage to offer trips to remote and fascinating parts of Russia that other tour operators don't reach...
    Polly Evans: Sunday Times
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Russian city-breaks, tours to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Golden Ring. Group and tailor-made holidays

Based on our extensive experience dealing with tours to Russia we have designed multiple city-break holidays to suit various budgets and interests with focus on main cultural highlights, Russian art and culture, medieval and modern history, cold war period, life beyond capitals and much more. Only small and medium-sized groups.
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Russian River Cruises

One of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to discover the immense cultural riches and changing landscapes of any country is aboard a ship. Join us to explore Russia from the comfort and security of a modern river cruiser and enjoy the diversity of both modern and ancient cities along the way. Sail between Moscow and St. Petersburg or along the picturesque Volga – the largest in Russia. Our Russian river cruises are operated on vessels ranging from 3* to luxury 5* ships.
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Tours along Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railway

Go Russia offers you our expertise and professionalism to create unforgettable memories for your journey of a lifetime. Whatever Trans-Siberian tour you chose, sitting back in your train you’ll be captivated again and again by the landscape, which metamorphoses from laid out fields, through the vast birch forests of Siberia and treeless Mongolian steppe, to the grassland and mountains in China.
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Adventure and Discovery Tours in Russia

We’re all fascinated by everything unusual and unexplored. What can be more thrilling than to feel like a pioneer in a world, which has fewer and fewer hidden treasures every year? Russia is a land with an immense wealth of natural treasures, including some of the few completely untouched areas on earth, and a great destination for lovers of adventure. It is now time to explore the wilderness of Russia and find out what this planet still has to offer.
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Beyond Russia. Explore China, Mongolia and the Silk Road

Our dedicated “Asian Expert Team” invites you for a discovery journey to Central Asia. All these countries represent cradles of history, authentic culture, unbelievable sense of hospitality, stunning landscapes, unique combination of nature ranging from Gobi desert and sand dunes to beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. Regardless of the regions where you would go on a tour you will experience energetic and knowledgeable guides, welcoming local people, and mouth-watering Asian food.
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School trips to Russia and former USSR

When we are young, travelling to new countries and remote destinations is one of the most fascinating things in life. We believe it is now time to explore the wonders and heritage of Russia and countries of the former USSR through the wide eyes and open minds of a young generation free of the “cold war experience”.
It is time to Go Russia!
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Visa free tours to Russia - discover St. Petersburg and Moscow

You can now explore Russia visa – free arriving by a ferry from Helsinki and staying in the country for three days. With our visa-free tours to Russia you can either enjoy just St. Petersburg or combine it with a short visit to Moscow.
It’s true – no visa at all!
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Latest from our blog - Travel experts about Russia and ex USSR
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Commemorate a hundred years since Solzhenitsyn’s birth this December November 20, 2018 Commemorate a hundred years since Solzhenitsyn’s birth this December
One of the most moving pieces of Russian literature is surely One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. It bears the distinction of being the only one of Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn’s works to be published i...
Is it time you visited Novosibirsk? October 10, 2018 Is it time you visited Novosibirsk?
Unless you’re a regular visitor to Russia, you probably won’t have put Novosibirsk on your sightseeing itinerary. But that’s a mistake: though overshadowed by Moscow and St Petersburg, there are plenty of reaso...
October sees World Space Week September 23, 2018 October sees World Space Week
Over 3700 events spread across 80 countries marked 2017’s World Space Week and this year is set to equal if not better that programme. This year the theme is “Space Unites the World” and events take place from ...
Will you celebrate Moscow day this September? August 15, 2018 Will you celebrate Moscow day this September?
Moscow turns 871 this September and the City Day holiday is a big deal to its residents. It’s not too late to book a trip to the Russian capital and join in with the celebrations. Here’s what to expect if you d...
It’s Baikal Day! August 06, 2018 It’s Baikal Day!
On the fourth Sunday in August, Russians celebrate Baikal Day. It’s a relatively new occasion, marked only since 1999, but it’s designed to remind people of the beauty of this magnificent lake and its surroundi...
Commemorating the last of the tsars July 06, 2018 Commemorating the last of the tsars
Right now, with all eyes on the World Cup, Yekaterinburg is making the news as one of Russia’s football venues. Its stadium has seen the action as Uruguay and Egypt slugged it out, Peru tackled France, Japan we...
The cats of the Hermitage May 21, 2018 The cats of the Hermitage
This summer, the world cup comes to Russia and the spotlight will be – unusually – on a cat named Achilles. He’s no ordinary cat, of course, and he’ll also be the only animal in the country to receive a fan ide...
It’s Volga Day on May 20th May 11, 2018 It’s Volga Day on May 20th
It seems like there’s a day for everything these days but here’s one you should be aware of if you’re planning a Russian river cruise. Launched in 2008, May 20th sees the 10th annual Volga Day. If you paid atte...
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Russian city-breaks, tours to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Golden Ring and the Russian North - Kizhi & Solovestky Islands.

Start your Russian discovery with our carefully designed city-break packages. We have a variety of tours to suite various interests ranging from general knowledge and culture to specific areas as World War II and Soviet history. 

Just click on the month below when you want to travel, or "Find your perfect tour".

Departure Calendar January May September February June October March July November April August December
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Tours along the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railway. Discover Russia, Mongolia & China. Naadam packages.

The actual length of the Trans-Siberian Railroad is over 9,288 kilometres, covering nearly all Eurasia. It's the longest railway on the planet running through two continents: Europe and Asia; passes through 3 countries Russia, Mongolia and China.

"Find your perfect Trans-Siberian tour".

Departure Calendar January May September February June October March July November April August December
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All Inclusive Russian river cruise holidays: sail between Moscow & St. Petersburg or along the Volga.

Based on our extensive experience in the region we have selected the most exciting routes served by the reputable Russian river cruise companies and all our river cruises are on modern comfortable vessels featuring traditional atmosphere.
Just click on the month for your suitable departure or "Find your Russian cruise".

Departure Calendar January May September February June October March July November April August December
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Adventure and Discovery Tours in Russia - travel to Karelia, Kamchatka, Elbrus, Altai.

Go beyond big cities for a chance to discover great cultural and natural heritage of Russia. If you are ready to leave the beaten path for a new type of travel experience, your trip with us will leave you with unforgettable memories.
Just click on the month when you want to travel or "Find your adventure tour".

Departure Calendar January May September February June October March July November April August December
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Visa Free Tours to Russia - discover St. Petersburg and Moscow.

According to the Russian legislation foreign tourists travelling on ferries may arrive in St. Petersburg without Russian visa for the period of 72 hours. Go Russia have designed various itineraries compliant with the regulations above and we invite you to visit St. Petersburg and Moscow arriving in Russia by St. Peter Line ferry from Helsinki.
Find your visa-free tour to Russia.

Departure Calendar January May September February June October March July November April August December
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