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Russian Visa on Our Tours
Visa fees and consular submission included

Assistance with Russian Visa

We have years of practical experience in dealing with tourist visas to Russia, and our in-house visa team provides assistance with consular submission.


Your tour price includes ALL consular and visa processing fees (standard processing). Note – urgent visa applications are subject to a surcharge.


Once you book a tour with us and pay your deposit we email you the guidance notes on how to complete the Russian visa application form. You will then need to fill in the required form yourself which is quite straightforward. Our dedicated visa specialists will be happy to provide assistance should you have any questions or difficulties in completing the form (we can also complete it for you for an additional fee). All completed forms are then checked by our visa specialists and our visa department advises if any additional corrections or documents are required. We guarantee your application pack will be fully compliant with the Russian visa requirements and there will be no need to make further corrections at the submission stage and no need to worry that any data could be missing.


Russia has streamlined its visa application process, introducing a simplified procedure. As of August 1, 2023, citizens from most European countries (excluding the UK) and selected Asian nations have the option to apply for an electronic visa (e-visa) for journeys lasting up to 16 days. The application process is entirely online, eliminating the need for document submission by mail. E-visas are typically issued within 4 days and are conveniently delivered to the applicant via email. For further details on obtaining an e-visa for travel to Russia, you can find more information here.


Standard processing of your Russian visa is included in the price of our holidays and we can obtain your visas for you if you live in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain or India. All urgent visa applications are subject to additional costs which will be reconfirmed to you at the time you submit your documents. You post your complete application pack to our office and we make final checks of your paperwork and submit your documents to the Russian consulate. Once the visa is issued, we post your passport back to you.

Note regarding applications made in the UK: you need to visit the Russian visa centre in London, Manchester or Edinburgh in person to provide your fingerprints (based on reciprocal arrangements between the UK and Russia). Again, there’s no need to worry – we will guide you through the whole process (please see below).


You will need to apply for your visa at the local Russian consulate or a visa centre. The procedure is straightforward: you complete the visa form online; we check it, issue a required visa support document and email you a verified application pack. You submit your documents to the Russian consulate / visa centre. Our visa team will assist you with any queries you might have. Following our fair dealing policy we will also deduct the consular fee from your invoice as you will have to pay for your visa yourself.


Since the end of 2014, biometric data (scans of your fingers) is required for travellers applying for a Russian tourist visa made in the UK. There is absolutely no need to worry as we will assist you at every step of the visa application process. Please also note, Russian visa fees are always included in the price of holidays with us, unlike many other companies. You will need to visit the visa centre just onceThis is not an interview with a consular officer, just a technical procedure.

You can submit your visa application and provide biometrics in London, Manchester or Edinburgh. Please note, our specialists can assist you on the day of submission only at the London visa centre. If you apply in Manchester or Edinburgh, we will deduct the consular fees from your invoice.

USA & Australia citizens cannot apply for urgent visa in the UK unless they have a residence permit or long term work or student visa in the UK. The visa processing time for these citizens will take 20 working days if they do not have proof of residence in UK for the last 180 days. 

Submission in London

On the day of your appointment, our visa specialist meets you at the Russian visa centre in London. You will be accompanied to the visa centre, get your fingers scanned and submit your visa application. If any changes in the visa form are still required, our specialist will do all the required amendments and print the form right there at the visa centre. We pay the Russian visa fees and collect your passport once the visa is ready. Please note our processing times. We post your passport to you or you can collect it from our office in West London.

Submission in Manchester or Edinburgh

There is no need to book an appointment at the visa centre either in Manchester or Edinburgh. You come to the visa centre during their working hours, submit your verified application, get your fingers scanned and pay the consular fee. Once the visa is ready (the collection date will be specified in the receipt, or can be tracked online on the visa application centre website), you will be able to collect your passport or have it returned to you by post for an additional fee. We will deduct the consular fee from your invoice as our visa specialists cannot accompany your to the visa centre. Please do not worry, the submission process is very straightforward and you will have all your documents verified by us. In the unlikely event that modifications are required, the local staff will be able to help you. The all speak fluent English.


  • The original passport with at least 2 blank pages for visas (passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your intended departure from Russia).
  • One copy of the Russian visa application form completed online. All our customers receive detailed guidance notes how to complete the forms.
  • Colour photo 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm taken against a light background (white or off - white).
  • If you are not a UK national:
    • residence permit (work permit / visa if applicable). Note for EU nationals: You must provide a residence card issued by the Home Office proving your settled or pre-settled status. If you do not have a physical card you can make a print out from the Home Office website confirming your status and notarise this document. You can use any notary in the UK or use the service provided by the Russian Embassy (cost £15 per person). Prove your status on the Home Office website;
    • proof of address (utility bills, copies of bank statements) for the last three months,
    • medical insurance for EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, China, Australia and New Zealand nationals. Arrange insurance online.
    • USA & Australia citizens cannot apply for urgent visa in the UK unless they have a residence permit or long term work or student visa in the UK. The visa processing time for these citizens will take 20 working days if they do not have proof of residence in UK for the last 180 days. 
  • If you are self employed, student or in an early retirement, additionally you will need to provide bank statements for the last three months.
  • Traveling with children under 16 years old - your child’s full birth certificate.


  • Russian citizens with expired passports. Visas cannot be issued. You must enter Russia with your valid Russian passport.
  • Children born to parents who both are Russian citizens, automatically gain Russian citizenship, regardless of the place of birth. Visas cannot be issued. You must apply for Russian nationality and obtain a Russian passport.
  • Adopted from Russia: the Russian authorities consider you a Russian citizen and you must enter Russia with your valid Russian passport. Visas can only be issued if you provide a document confirming renunciation of your Russian nationality. If you do not have this document, please contact the local Russian Embassy for your nationality checking service. It can take up to 6 months to get a response.