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Go Russia Guestbook - Customers' Holiday Experience

We learn and improve all the time as a result of our customers’ feedback. We are very happy to have served thousands of happy customers who travelled with us.

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Discover the Beauty of the Russian Venice - St. Petersburg (CB-02)

Liked the guided tours and her knowledge of the best bits to see ar hermitage Isabelle Farmer, September 2019

10 September 2019 Discover Russia & Mongolia | from Moscow to Ulan Bator | Go Russia

Our Mongolian guide and our Mongolian tour were the highlight of our trip. Our guide was extraordinary in terms of planning and accommodating and keeping everybody happy. He was tremendously knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour Ellis Banks, August 2019

10 September 2019 5-Star Russian River Cruise - Moscow - Golden Ring - St. Petersburg - 8 Days (CR-43)

Your principal guide was excellent. The lectures on Russian history were outstanding and very insightful. Vladimir (Professor) was a first class ambassador for Russia. Andrew Ball, August 2019

03 September 2019 Highlights of Trans-Siberian: Moscow - Kazan - Yekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk (TS-27)

Julia was excellent to work with. We had several changes we wanted to make to our itinerary and she handled each with patience and quick response time. All of the hotels chosen were great with a nice restaurant and grocery close to each which made them very convenient. All of the instructions were clear and concise and all the transfers and guides were very prompt, friendly and informative. Summer Goodwin, August 2019

03 September 2019 Highlights of Trans-mongolian Railway: Irkutsk - Baikal - Mongolia - Beijing (TS-14)

russia excellent on all things mongolia outstanding on all things,I would do the trip again for mongolia. the guide and driver were the best I have every had. so please pass on my thanks to my guide Azae and my driver Khatnaa. china average on all things. Train great fun. Zoe Perkins, August 2019

03 September 2019 Three Capitals: Kiev - Moscow - St. Petersburg (CB-18)

The personal assistance given during the booking process was invaluable and resulted in my decision to book through the company. Each of the tour guides was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, able to answer any question threw at them, and each dealt well with situations that arose during the tours. My own personal taste would have been for a little less detail as the insides of churches start to look the same after visiting so many, and I donít particularly care for paintings in the Winter Palace for instance. Having said that, we were told we could go our own way once we had entered, and I think I was the exception and the rest of the group were enthralled. The transfer drivers were good enough to show me to the train and carriage that I needed to catch on both occasions. I did however have to ask passengers to translate my ticket to determine which cabin/bed I had been allocated. Yasmin Fraser, July 2019

18 August 2019 Best of Trans-Mongolian: Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk - Baikal - Mongolia - Beijing (TS-11)

We had a fantastic holiday. All the arrangements worked like clockwork. We were very impressed by how we always had someone to meet us whenever we arrived apart from Beijing ( where we were met outside the station due to station rules) we were met on the platform outside our train carriage. Then on returning to the train we were taken not just to the station but to our carriage and helped with the boarding procedures. All the tour guides were excellent, very knowledgeable and friendly. We were surprised that apart from Moscow we had a guide to ourselves. The places we visited were all very interesting and gave use a good insight into Russia, Mongolia and Beijing. We canít express enough how great the organisation was it was faultless. Every thing was great, hard to find any faults or how to improve the service. The only slight negative was the breakfast in the hotel in Irkutsk which was cold and sparse. However all the accommodation was very good. Tom Reynolds, July 2019

18 August 2019 Best of Moscow & St. Petersburg Guided Tour (CB-17)

The tour guides, especially Tatiana in St Petersburg, were excellent. Everything was really well timed and organised. Information and instructions were clear. Support with obtaining visa was really good. Everything was paid for. There were no hidden extras. Alexander Hamilton, August 2018

18 August 2019 Tour Highlights of Kamchatka - Bears and Volcanoes | Go Russia

Excellent tour in Kamchatka . The level of service was excellent! I would use the company again without hesitation and would recommend it to anyone!!!! Thank you Kiera Simpson, July 2019

12 August 2019 Discover the Beauty of the Russian Venice - St. Petersburg (CB-02)

All the way through booking process and dealing with our extra requests, Julia gave a first class service and everything in St Petersburg ran exactly as planned by Julia from the moment we got off the plane. so thank you Julia. Also I would like to thank Jelena for her help with the Visa checking process, this was also went smoothly. as it was the first time visiting Russia the help in both areas was very important. The Tour guides (Milena and Nadia) were also very good and knowledgeable as was the hotel reception staff. so this made for a great holiday. Erin Hancock, July 2019

12 August 2019

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