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Health & Vaccinations
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Health & Vaccinations

The UK Department of Health publishes useful information by country on their website. We strongly recommend you carefully read the relevant sections.

If you suffer from any illness, please ensure that you take enough medication on holiday with you, as some medicines may not be available locally. Stomach upsets can often be caused by a change in diet, climate or even by ice-cold drinks; you should also avoid raw food, tap water, and excessive exposure to the sun. In some areas there may be a risk of insect bites, but you can reduce their effect by use of repellents and by covering up whenever possible, especially in the evenings. So, don’t forget the mosquito repellent and sun cream if visiting in summer.


Although there are no vaccination requirements to enter countries where we operate our tours, it is generally recommended that you will be vaccinated for Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus. Food and waterborne diseases are more common than in the UK, so Typhoid and Hepatitis A are also recommended. If you are visiting Siberian regions and undertaking outdoor activities between May and August, a vaccination for tick-born Encephalitis is strongly recommended.

As circumstances can change frequently, you should check with your doctor as vaccinations or inoculations may still be recommended for travel to some of the regions where we operate.


If you feel you will need medication, such as antibiotics, throat lozenges, insect repellent, etc., on your trip, please consult your doctor before departure and ask for a prescription to get hold of a supply before you leave. Please also bring your own basic first aid kit, including sufficient supplies of any regular medication you take. Please view a suggested complete First-Aid Kit Checklist for your trip.