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Dear Traveller,
Is it time to visit the Land of Fire and Ice?
Many visitors overlook Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula in favour of well-trodden routes along the Trans-Siberian, or city breaks focusing on Moscow or St Petersburg. Off limits to foreign visitors until 1990, it was a relative latecomer to the Russian tourist trail. But to miss out Kamchatka is the miss out on one of the most dramatic regions of this vast country. Its spectacular landscapes are unrivalled and it’s well worth the extra effort that it takes to reach this far-flung destination, a nine hour flight from Moscow.
Kamchatka is huge; you could squeeze France, Belgium and Luxemburg into its boundaries. The region is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire and it’s no surprise to learn that the area is a mecca for adventure seekers. Packed with active volcanoes, it’s where you’ll find fiery Klyuchevskaya, at 4688m the highest in Eurasia. From its capital, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, it’s possible to ski as late as May. Several volcanoes surround the city and climbing them is a popular activity.
Kamchatka’s UNESCO-listed Valley of Geysers is the second largest of its kind in the world. A decade ago, a mud flow buried some of its ninety geysers but there’s still a lot to see. Its other great draw is its fauna. Brown bears congregate at Kurilskoye and Dvukhyurtochnoye Lakes and it’s possible to watch them catching salmon as eagles circle overhead. Bird watchers will be delighted with the shores of Avachinskaya Bay, where colonies of seabirds gather in huge numbers.
Our comprehensive tour to Kamchatka includes a helicopter excursion to the Ksudach Volcano; from its crater lake, a beautiful waterfall tumbles down the rock face. Another highlight sees us board the helicopters again for a flight to the thermal hot springs of the Khodutka River; believe us, there is no better place for a swim in the whole of Russia. You’ll experience nature at its most raw with a hike to the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano where you’ll be faced with the otherworldly sight of its blue crater lake swathed in mist against a soundtrack of belches and roars from deep inside the earth. And of course, we’ll ensure there are plenty of wildlife-spotting opportunities.
This Kamchatka Bears and Volcanoes Tour has limited departures, making the most of the short summer season when the wildlife is at its most active. Places are filling quickly and if you are keen to join us, it’s advisable to book your tour as soon as possible to secure the best price for flights. Please contact one of our team if you’d like to find out more.
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