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Horse Riding through the Siberian Forests to the Mountain Lakes (AL-05)

Group size
2-10 people
15 days
As per schedule
Moscow, Barnaul, Altai
from £2,595
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This trip is for real adventure lovers who would like to experience the challenge of riding through the wild heart of Russia, miles away from civilization! We will start our tour in Moscow, before setting off for Altai. Altai, the heart of Siberia, is one of the most spectacular treasures of nature and a perfect place to spend an active holiday this summer! 
You will ride hardy, reliable Altai breed horses through unpopulated and rarely visited areas, through dense forests, alpine meadows covered in brightly coloured flowers, narrow mountain passes and dry Mongolian steppes. Our route crosses the area of lake Ak-Kem and Mt Belukha, the highest mountain in Siberia - both on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This route doesn’t require any advanced horse-riding skills; however you need to be in good physical shape and the frequent changes of altitude can be a challenge.

IncludedServices included in the package price.
  • Hotel in Moscow
  • Guesthouse in Altai
  • Accommodation in tents
  • Breakfasts in Moscow
  • Full board meals in Altai
  • Tour staff & support
  • Group equipment and gear
  • Airport transfers
  • Visas: checking service
Not includedServices not included in the package price.
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Day 1
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
Arrival in Moscow. Our driver will meet you in the arrival sector with a Go Russia sign board. Transfer to the hotel.
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Day 2
Transfer from the hotel to the airport
Moscow City Centre Walking Tour
In the morning we will have a guided tour of Moscow, we will walk around major cultural and historical points in Moscow. We will visit Lubyanka Square - the world-famous KGB centre of the Soviet epoch, and the Teatralnaya Square next to Bolshoi Theatre. Then we will continue our walk through the small central streets and lanes where every building has its own unique and interesting story. We will then take a stroll along the pedestrian zone near the Red Square. In the evening our driver will meet you at the hotel lobby and transfer you to the airport for your overnight flight to Barnaul.
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Domestic flight: Moscow - Barnaul
Day 2
Flight to Barnaul: Moscow - Barnaul
Overnight flight to Barnaul.
Barnaul / Altai
Day 3
Coach: Barnaul - Altai
Arrival at the base camp “Vysotnik”. “Welcome” dinner
Overnight in a guesthouse
Upon arrival in Barnaul we will travel by bus to the base camp “Vysotnik”.Trip time depends on the arrival city: from Barnaul - 750 km, about 13 hours; from Biysk - 650 km, about 11 hours; from Gorno-Altaysk - 500 km, about 8 hours.

On arrival, a “welcome” dinner will help you to relax after this long journey. Accommodation at the Vysotnik camp (850 m) in 2-bed rooms, facilities on the floors. Acquaintance with the guide, checking personal equipment, safety briefing.
Day 4
Start riding to our destination of the trip - Belukha Mountain
Tackling the Kuzuyak pass (1,513 m)
Daily route of approx. 5-6 hours, 19km
Overnight in tents
In the morning we start our riding trip to the main destination of the trip - Belukha Mountain, the highest mountain in Siberia. The path goes through the last populated area on our way to the mountains. Then we will follow a path through the forest where we can see plenty of mushrooms, berries, and various kinds of trees and grasses. Today we explore the Kuzuyak pass (1513 m). The pass isn't high but the riding is quite challenging - this is the first test of our stamina. Camping on the banks of Ak-kem, a mountain river whose cool waters will help you to relax.
Day 5
Oroktoi brook (1,223 m) - Tukhman brook (2,284 m)
Daily route of approx. 6-7 hours, 14 km
Overnight in tents
We continue ascending along the Oroktoi brook to the Tukhman brook (2,000 m). We will observe how the panorama and the vegetation changes from the taiga - deep Siberian forest - to high alpine meadows. Overnight at a picturesque place with a great view of Belukha, the highest mountain in Siberia, and surrounding peaks.
Day 6
Tukhman - Tomul pass - Mujnoh range - Soen Chadyr river - river Sarah mouth
Daily route of approx. 5-6 hours, 15 km
Overnight in tents
Daily route of approx. 5-6 hours, 15 km.
Day 7
A short active day
Koir - Balturdak pass - Green valley
Daily route of approx. 2-3 hours, 18 km
Overnight in tents
We enjoy a short active day. Koir - Balturdak pass - Green valley.
Day 8
Tekeliu river – Suluarjry – Suluarjry river – Tekeliu pass
Daily route of approx. 8-9 hours, 35 km
Overnight in a guesthouse
Today will be a strenuous day. Our route follows Tekeliu river - Suluarjry - Suluarjry river - Tekeliu pass. Enjoy picturesque views from the Suluajry pass.
Day 9
River Tekeliu - Jarlu Boch pass - Yarlu valley - base camp
Daily route of approx. 4-5 hours, 10 km
Overnight in a guesthouse
We cross the Tekeliu river and start ascending another mountain pass (2200 m). Tekeliu in the Altaic language means "a place where mountain goats live" and we may indeed see some goats here if we are lucky. You will never forget the special moment of discovering the beauty of lake Ak-kem for the first time. Walking across the river with the same name Ak-kem, we will cross a shaky bridge, and in a half an hour we'll reach our second base camp (2000 m). There is a canteen, a Russian banya and a traditional Altai building - Ail (a type of wooden yurt) there. This camp offers you breathtaking views over the huge snowy majestic Mount Belukha.
Day 10
A day hike to the mysterious Ak – Ojouk valley. Return to the base camp
Daily route of approx. 5-7 hours, altitude change 400 m
Overnight in tents
A day hike to the mysterious Ak - Ojouk valley., which is famous for its seven lakes all of different hues. There is a strong belief that the area around lake Ak-Kem has a powerful energy. Here you may meet very different people - from hermits to people believing in UFOs. There is a stone town here being built by people who have come to this place from all over the world to meditate near the sacred mountain Belukha. Return to the base camp.
Day 11
The Karatiurek pass ascend (3,060 m). Camping in a virgin cedar glade (2,000 m)
Daily route of approx. 6-8 hours, 23 km, altitude change 1,000 m
Overnight in tents
Today we ascend the Karatiurek pass (3,060 m). There may be some snow on the pass. After a while we’ll start our descent. The temperatue will rise and the vegetation become rich again. Another bewitching ravine appears on the way - the Kucherlinskoe ravine. Camping in a virgin cedar glade (2,000 m).
Day 12
Gradual descent down the Izekeriu and Kucherla river. Riding down to our base camp “Vysotnik”
Daily route of approx. 7-8 hours, 21 km
Overnight in tents
Today we start our gradual descent down the Izekeriu river and the Kucherla river returning back to the base camp. Stop to enjoy the ancient petroglyphs on a rock.
Day 13
Riding down to our base camp “Vysotnik”. Stop to see ancient petroglifs
Daily route of approx. 5-6 hours, 25 km
Overnight in a guesthouse
On our way we’ll make a stop to see an ancient grotto and petroglyphs (prehistoric drawings) on a rock, which are several thousand years old. We cross a seemingly endless field and finally reach our tourist base “Vysotnik”.
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Altai / Barnaul
Day 14
Coach: Altai - Barnaul
Transfer from camp Vysotnik.
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Barnaul / Moscow
Day 15
Transfer from the hotel to the airport
Flight to Moscow: Barnaul - Moscow
Transfer from the local airport to the international airport
Our driver will meet you in the hotel lobby. Transfer to the airport. Morning flight to Moscow.
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I thought the holiday was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it and am happy to provide feedback. Although there were many questions I wanted to ask you before I went, I just planned for the unexpected and was happy to take everything in my stride. The Altai is a beautiful area, remote, pretty and varied scenery with mountains, alpine meadows, forests and deep valleys, few signs of civilisation and no fences, hedges or roads so we could ride over open countryside and make our own tracks and camp wherever we wanted, a real sense of freedom; the horses were well trained and behaved and importantly the saddles were very comfortable for riding day after day.

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