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Russian Business Visa. Multiple Entry, Validity 6 and 12 Months. Apply Now

Business visa is issued for travellers, who visit Russia on official or private business. Business visas are best for visitors who do not know their exact itineraries, want to stay in Russia longer than for 30 days or need to enter Russia on frequent occasions within a certain period of time.

Business visas to the Russian Federation may be issued with up to two entries and for up to 90 days. There are also multiple-entry business visas, valid for 6 or 12 months with unlimited entries/exits. While tourist visa cannot be extended, business visa extensions can be arranged through the organisation which provided the invitation for the existing business visa. Note: allowed stay in Russia - 90 days in any 180 days period.

We can assist you with the following types of Russian business visas: Please also note that we also provide assistance in obtaining regular tourist visas for Russia. A tourist visa is required by non-Russian citizens wishing to visit the Russian Federation as a tourist for a period not longer than 30 days. 
  1. Original passport, valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return from Russia and must have two blank pages.
  2. One passport-type photograph.
  3. Application form (we will email the guidance on how to complete the form).
  4. Completed business invitation questionnaire. Download the questionnaire.
  5. Invitation from the Ministry of Interior (is included in the business visa price, will be provided by us).
  6. Copies of the last three previous visas to Russia (if applicable).
  7. If you are not a UK passport holder - travel insurance valid for the whole period of stay in Russia. No travel insurance is required for UK passport holders.
Biometric data is required for Russian visa applications made in the UK. All visa applicants (except for children under 12 years) must go in person to the Russian visa application centre either in London or Edinburgh. The procedure is quick and requires only one visit.
1. Full Business Visa Support - includes consulate fees, business Invitation), our service
 Type of visa 11 working days 28 working days Application
 Single entry  Valid 3 Months  £375  £325 Apply Now
 Double entry  Valid 3 Months  £475  £375 Apply Now
 Type of visa 16 working days 33 working days 50 working days Application
 Multiple entry  Valid 12 Months  £725  £545 £495 Apply Now

2. Consular submission only if you have your own business visa invitation
We can also arrange a Business Visa for you if you have your own Business Invitation. Please contact us for prices.

Please note:

The visa application process is very straightforward. Please do not worry that your application will be unsuccessful (unless you have had any immigration issues with the Russian authorities in the past). However, it is the Russian Embassy who authorises the entry clearance and Go Russia shall not be held responsible nor accept any liability for any actions of government authorities not issuing your visa for any reason whatsoever, nor shall we be held responsible for expense and/or delay arising from or in connection with (a) incomplete application forms or (b) incorrectly or falsely completed application forms or (c) inaccurate or incomplete supporting documentation or (d) rejected visa application form. Please note, visa fees are non-refundable.

Note: all visa services are provided by our partner company which we recommend. By ordering a visa service you will be redirected to their website.