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Russia a Bargain Destination in 2015. Don't Miss Your Chance

Russia a Bargain Destination in 2015. Don't Miss Your Chance

Travel News in Russia, ex USSR, Mongolia & China
The recent devaluation of the rouble makes Russia more affordable option for travel. As featured in major international press (Independent, CNN, Bloomberg, Russia Today.) - “Brits stand to benefit from great travel deals... ” In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say, that the country is fast becoming a hot new destination for deal seekers. Now is the best time to book a tour to Russia!
Save on your everyday spending while in Russia and pay a fraction of the usual travel costs, at least 40-50% less

Average decline in rouble rate from 2014 to 2015 is about 50% which means you will be spending much less money now than back in 2014. For example, a decent dinner would cost only £15 (instead of £25), and a metro ride is just 50p. You can even do some shopping in Russia where all major brands are cheaper. Or for culture vultures – you can get seats to the famous Bolshoi or Mariinsky ballet for just £50, instead of £100. This really is the best time to go!

See below for some prices and examples and decide yourself!

Average Prices in Russia

Price in GBP
2015 2014
Ballet ticket RUB 5,000 £53.00 £83.00
Circus ticket RUB 1,500 £16.00 £25.00
Museum ticket RUB 350 £4.00 £6.00
Metro Moscow RUB 50 £0.53 £0.83
Metro St. Petersburg RUB 31 £0.33 £0.52
Taxi ride in Moscow RUB 1,000 £11.00 £17.00
Espresso RUB 100 £1.05 £1.67
Teapot RUB 200 £2.00 £3.00
Dinner (3 course) RUB 1,500 £16.00 £25.00
Lunch RUB 600 £6.00 £10.00
Pint of beer RUB 200 £2.00 £3.00

Note: prices above are based on average exchange rates and are given as an example only. Actual prices can vary depending on the place where you buy / order your products in Russia.


Just an example if a couple goes to Russia for a week holiday (8 days / 7 nights), they will be saving on lunches and dinners only about £250 in total including drinks. A visit to Bolshoi in Moscow or Mariinsky in St. Petersburg would add additional £80. Order some optional tours – a visit to the Catherine Palace or the Cold War Bunker and save another £100. You will also be getting huge saving when buying souvenirs and making other personal spending. So your savings can easily be in excess of £500 for a couple.


You read this to the end. Here is your exclusive “DECIDENOW” bonus – value £150 per person which entitles only those who have read this passage (the offer is not published anywhere else) and who book any of our tours (only visa free tours onboard a ferry and tours for independent travellers are excluded) before 30 April 2015. And we also want to reward those who take quick decisions, if you book a tour before 14 April 2015, you get extra £100 per person.
Can you really miss this chance?

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So your savings can be in the range of £1,000 per couple (including personal savings in Russia discussed above)

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And last but not least, a quick note on safety. Russia is a very safe country and people welcome foreign tourists. There are no stricter visa rules and we provide full assistance with the Russian visa. Read more about our assistance with the visas. There is no political turmoil in the country, no protests on the streets, no any military actions of any kind. When travelling with us you will also be accompanied by a guide. You just need to have common sense like in any other big city like London or New York. We provide a 24-hour emergency support and our operators will be able to assist you in any unforeseen circumstances. There is no advice from the FCO in the UK against travel to major tourist destination -

Still not persuaded?

March 11, 2015