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In addition to Go Russia organised group tours, we also offer individual trips. This could be an entirely separate holiday arrangement or an extension to a regular "Go Russia" trip. Depending on your preference for either comfort or budget, we can help you to design the ideal itinerary and provide the optimal value-for-money quote. View our customers' feedback.

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Great Mongolian Discovery: Ulan Bator, Terelj, Gobi Desert, Karakorum, Hustai (MN-01)
Great Mongolian Discovery: Ulan Bator, Terelj, Gobi Desert, Karakorum, Hustai (MN-01)
Join us on a thrilling 15-day journey that seamlessly weaves modern and historical Mongolia, immersing you in its customs, folklore, history, and nature. Over two weeks, you'll explore Ulan Bator, the exceptional Erdene-Zuu with its vast monastery, the first Mongolian Buddhist sanctuary, and the captivating remnants of Karakorum, once Genghis Khan's stronghold. Beyond the main attractions, we'll venture into the stunning national parks of Terelj and Hustai Nuruu, where remarkable views and wildlife await, and explore the enchanting, undulating sand dunes of Khongor, as well as the South Gobi. Our adventure also takes you to the legendary 'Flaming Cliffs,' where dinosaur fossils and eggs were discovered. If you crave an adventurous journey, join us for this exhilarating exploration of Mongolia.

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