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In addition to Go Russia organised group tours, we also offer individual trips. This could be an entirely separate holiday arrangement or an extension to a regular "Go Russia" trip. Depending on your preference for either comfort or budget, we can help you to design the ideal itinerary and provide the optimal value-for-money quote. View our customers' feedback.

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Best of Kyrgyzstan: Discover Finest Lakes, Steppe Land & Historic Towns  8 days (SR-05)
Best of Kyrgyzstan: Discover Finest Lakes, Steppe Land & Historic Towns 8 days (SR-05)
Kyrgyzstan, nestled in the heart of Central Asia, boasts breathtaking mountain views, rich shepherd traditions, nomadic lifestyles, and expansive summer pastures known as "jailoos." Among all the Central Asian countries, Kyrgyzstan stands out as the most traveller-friendly destination for Westerners, offering visa-free entry, a well-established network of homestays, and a variety of souvenirs for purchase. The ideal seasons for exploration are spring, summer, and autumn when hiking and road travel are most convenient. This tour includes visits to the capital city, Bishkek, where you can explore museums and savour local cuisine, and it also takes you to the country's most stunning lakes, canyons, and vast steppe landscapes.

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