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Glimpse of the Gobi by Air - a Brief Encounter with the Desert (MN-08)

Group size
2-12 people
3 days
Ulaanbaatar, Yol Valley (The Valley of the Eagles), Khongor Sand Dunes (Singing Dunes), Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs), Dalanzadgad
from £1,395
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The Gobi Desert holds a legendary status, both dreaded as an uninhabitable wasteland and alluring with its captivating myths and folklore. Encompassing a vast swath of Mongolia, this enigmatic landscape is as intriguing as it is formidable. Within its confines, the forces of geography, history, and prehistory entwine with the diverse realms of flora, fauna, and human civilization. Mongolians recognize no fewer than 33 distinct 'gobi' types, each distinguished by soil color and composition, underscoring the surprising complexity of this region. The Gobi Desert offers a remarkable spectrum of experiences, from wildlife sanctuaries and rugged mountains to dramatic canyons adorned with imposing rock formations. This tour is ideal for those seeking to uncover the key highlights of the Gobi Desert within a limited timeframe.

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Dalanzadgad - Khongor Els Sand Dunes
Day 1 – Ulan Bator
Transfer from the hotel to the airport
Ulan Bator - Dalanzadgad: Ulaanbaatar - Dalanzadgad
Transfer by car / minibus: Dalanzadgad - Khongor Sand Dunes (Singing Dunes)
Khongor Els Sand Dunes
We kick off the day with a breakfast at the hotel, after which we'll make our way to the airport for a flight to the Gobi base camp. Our initial destination is the remarkable Khongoryn Els sand dunes, an expanse that spans 180 km (110 miles) at the base of the striking Gurvan Saikhan Mountain range. Upon arrival, we'll pause for a delightful lunch. The afternoon promises a wealth of fascinating experiences, including a visit to a camel breeding family and a camel riding adventure to explore the dunes. As the day winds down, you'll relish a delectable dinner and enjoy an overnight stay in a ger camp. Our drive for the day will cover approximately 200 km (125 miles). (L/D).
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Bayan Zag (Flaming Cliffs)
Day 2
Explore Flaming Cliffs (Bayan Zag) - the Gobi Dinosaurs Cemetery
After a nourishing breakfast at the base camp, we will begin our gradual return journey to our main camp, enjoying a packed lunch along the way. En route, we will make a captivating stop at Bayan Zag, famously known as the Flaming Cliffs. Here, we'll explore the Cemetery of Dinosaurs, retracing the steps of the renowned explorer Roy Chapman Andrews. As the day transitions into evening, you'll have the opportunity to embrace the tranquil ambiance of the Gobi Desert, where we'll spend the night in traditional Mongolian gers. The driving distance for this leg of the journey covers approximately 80 km (50 miles). (B/L/D)
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Yol Valley - Dalanzadgad - Ulan Bator
Day 3 – Bayan Zag
Yol Valley (Eagle Valley) National Park
Transfer by car / minibus: Yol Valley (The Valley of the Eagles) - Dalanzadgad
Dalanzadgad - Ulan Bator: Dalanzadgad - Ulaanbaatar
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at the base camp. Our journey will culminate with a visit to the captivating Yol (Lammergeyer) Valley National Park, covering a distance of 50 km (32 miles). Here, we will embark on a morning trek, offering ample opportunities to capture the breathtaking landscape, including the Gobi Glacier and the intriguing wildlife that inhabits the area. In the late morning, we'll take a flight to Ulan Bator, where you will be transferred to your hotel. (B)
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10/08/2024 - 12/08/2024 £1,395 / £2,295 £75 book now
17/08/2024 - 19/08/2024 £1,395 / £2,295 £75 book now
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21/09/2024 - 23/09/2024 £1,395 / £2,295 £75 book now

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