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Theatres in Russia
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Moscow and St. Petersburg Theatres

Russia is famous for its rich theatrical traditions and ballet schools. Many Russian theatres are well known all over the world for their very highest professionalism, beauty of the theatre buildings, the most elaborate scenery and stunning costumes. The opera and ballet theatres in Moscow and in St. Petersburg are considered to be the best in the world, which will provide every enthusiast with a unique theatrical experience. 

We love Russian ballet and opera and are delighted to offer you the opportunity to see the famous Russian Ballet and Opera while you visit Russia both on leisure and on business. We are also thinking about our little customers and will be happy to welcome them in one of the best children’s theatres as well the famous Russian Circus performances. 

Please have a look at the list of the theatres and contact us if you wish to order tickets. When you reserve your theatre tickets through us, reliable and professional service is guaranteed. You will get your tickets at the best competitive rates, at any time.