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River cruises in Russia - Videos and Photos
Inspire yourself for a Russian river cruise. See and feel what it is like to be onboard our magnificent ships - explore our boats, view interiors, decks, public places, restaurants and bars; enjoy entertainment programmes. Start your virtual sailing along our major routes and cruise the intricate pattern of interconnecting rivers, canals and lakes between Moscow and St. Petersburg and major cities along the beautiful rivers Volga and Don. In addition to admiring enchanting countryside and tranquility and beauty of the East European nature we will also be exploring the wonders of towns and cities along the route. Our short videos will demonstrate what you are likely to experience during your voyage.


Our Boats and Life Onboard
Our Most Popular Itineraries
  - Between Moscow & St. Petersburg
  - Along the Volga
Famous Russian Music
How To Choose a Go Russia Cruise


Motor Ships. All motor ships operating on our cruises are built either in Germany (majority of ships) or Austria, all have been refurbished. All vessels can be compared by a hotel rating although be aware that there is no an official rating of ships on Russian waterways. We operate 3*, 4* and 5* ships. Please note choice is really only available on the Moscow to St. Petersburg route; on the Volga cruises availability is pretty much limited to the 3* boats as the route is operated by a small number of vessels.

Standard facilities onboard include: restaurants, bars, public lounges, dance hall, small souvenir shop, sauna, doctor. Please note these are not luxurious cruise liners like those operating on Transatlantic routes, but rather solid, good quality, well-maintained and clean vessels.
  Cabins. Accommodation is offered on four decks: main, middle, boat and sun (where available) deck. The major difference is the location on the ship with the boat / sun deck being on the top. You are likely to have better views from cabins located on top decks (boat and sun) where it is also quieter as ship entrance and reception are located on the main deck.
All standard cabins are the same regardless of the location and equipped with private facilities and a shower, wardrobe, radio, refrigerator and air conditioning. There is a large picture window in each cabin. Standard cabins are on a twin basis. If you prefer more comfort and space during your voyage please chose among our Junior Suite and Suite packages, or consider upgrading to a 4* or 5* ship.
  Life onboard & Entertainment. You will never be bored on our cruises as there is a full event programme on every cruise: languages courses, lectures, dance classes, tea-drinking and vodka tasting parties, nesting dolls painting class, captain's bridge tour, nightly entertainment and dancing, daily aerobics and much more. Also there will be a special farewell captain’s dinner, for which smart casual attire (a jacket & tie for gentlemen and a dress for ladies) is recommended, black tie is not necessary. Our attentive professional English-speaking staff will make you trip relaxing and entertaining at the same time.



And now you can enjoy our itineraries by watching the videos below which display the major highlights of our river voyages, cities and towns en route, beautiful sceneries and life onboard. There are two main cruise routes offered by Go Russia:

River cruise between Moscow & St. Petersburg. You will start your discovery of Russia from the powerful business city of Moscow, and then move on to charming city of St Petersburg, via various beauty spots in Northern Russia (Lake Onego, Kizhi Island), and the old provincial towns of the “Golden Ring” which contain a whole collection of architectural masterpieces. Please note our cruises operate in both directions.

River cruise along the Volga: Moscow - Volgograd - Rostov
. The river Volga has always been a major traditional route connecting the Russian North with the South and there are about forty cities including Tver, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Volgograd, and some of the Golden Ring smaller provincial towns: Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Uglich on the Volga river. This is your chance to explore the “less known” Russia.




As you are going to spend some time in Russia, we invite you to listen to some well-known Russian songs. It is very likely you will hear this music during your river voyages.
  • Kalinka - literally means a little snowberry, it is probably the most popular song associated with the Russian culture
  • Katyusha - a song from the WWII about a young lady waiting for her beloved, who is far away on a military service
  • Podmoskovnye Vechera - Midnight in Moscow (also known as Evenings in Moscow Countryside)
  • Valenki - a very funny love story of a girl who has very old Valenki (traditional Russian winter footwear, felt boots) which she cannot use to see her beloved
  • Vo Pole Bereza Stoyala - Birch in the Field, a very melodic folklore song about a birch tree and life in a Russian village


We know, we are offering a number of cruises covering various destinations and quite often your choice may be difficult. We have compiled a short guide that will help you choose a perfect cruise that would suit your interests, budget and time availability. View our guide.