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Tracing Genghis Khan's Path: Unearthing the Hidden History of the Mongol Empire (MN-04)

Group size
2-10 people
10 days
Ulaanbaatar, Lake Khukh Nuur, Dadal Soum, Undurkhaan, Khuduu Aral, XIII Century Park, Binder Soum
from £2,195
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Delve into the legacy of the renowned 13th-century Mongol Empire founder and Great Khan, a towering figure in world history. Our tour is a journey through time, offering a unique perspective on the enduring impact of this iconic leader, while shedding light on modern Mongolia and the intriguing, often hidden history of this vast nation. Explore the captivating legend of this formidable yet legendary ruler, whose influence continues to shape the present.

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Ulan Bator
Day 1
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
Upon your arrival in Ulan Bator, you will receive a warm welcome from your guide and driver, who will assist in transferring you to your hotel, where you will spend the night. (D)
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Lake Khukh Nuur
Day 2
Transfer by car / minibus: Ulaanbaatar - Lake Khukh Nuur
Lake Khukh Nuur - Enthrone of Chinggis Khan
Following an early morning meal, we'll embark on a picturesque 215-kilometer journey from Ulan Bator to Khukh Nuur. This extended drive promises a captivating introduction to the country's natural beauty. Upon reaching our destination, we'll savour a delicious lunch at the Khukh Nuur tourist camp, conveniently situated near Khukh Nuur.

Khukh Nuur holds historical significance as the place where Temujin received his renowned title, "Chinggis Khaan." After our midday meal, we'll pay a visit to the lake and venture into the Khar Zurkhen (Black Heart) Mountain. A knowledgeable historian will provide insights into Chinggis Khaan's life, offering a unique perspective specific to this area. Our day will conclude with a satisfying dinner, and we'll spend the night in a traditional ger camp.

Total driving distance: 215 km (approximately 135 miles). (B/L/D)
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Binder Soum
Day 3
Binder Soum – Almsgiver’s Wall
This morning, our journey will take us to Binder Soum, a destination located 220 km (138 miles) away from Lake Khukh Nuur. Here, we'll have the opportunity to explore the renowned Uglugchiin Kherem Wall, a remarkable structure measuring 3 kilometers in length, meticulously constructed with stones and devoid of mortar. This stone wall, an obscure wonder of the world, stands at a maximum height of 3.1 meters and is accompanied by approximately 60 tombs scattered in its vicinity.

Notably, Uglugchiin Kherem could potentially serve as the final resting place for numerous significant figures in Mongol history, including Chinggis Khaan and Khubilai Khaan. We'll enjoy a picnic lunch in this captivating setting and then settle in for an overnight stay at a ger camp.

Total driving distance: 220 km (about 138 miles). (B/L/D).
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Dadal Soum
Day 4
Drive to Dadal Soum - Chinggis Khan’s Birthplace
In the morning, our journey will lead us to the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, Dadal Soum, situated 120 kilometers from Binder Soum. This scenic route will trace the picturesque banks of the Onon River, which extends all the way from Russia into Mongolia, offering spectacular and photogenic views along the way. Our final destination will be a ger camp located near Chinggisiin Gurvan Lake.

During the afternoon, we will have the unique opportunity to visit a Buriad family and immerse ourselves in the distinctive culture of this ethnic group. The Buriad people inhabit the easternmost section of the world's longest border, stretching from the Caspian Sea to the Sea of Japan. Our day will conclude with a hearty dinner, and we'll spend the night in the comfort of a ger camp.

Total driving distance: 120 km (approximately 75 miles). (B/L/D)
Day 5
Birthplace of Chinggis Khaan Guided Tour
Embark on an exploration of Chinggis Khaan's birthplace, Deluun Boldog, and the enchanting Chinggisiin Gurvan Lake. A knowledgeable historian will guide us on an exceptional journey through the life of Chinggis Khan. Subsequently, we'll pay a visit to the impressive Chinggis Khaan Monument.

In the afternoon, we'll have the pleasure of experiencing the vast steppes on horseback, immersing ourselves in the unique beauty of the landscape. The day will come to a close with a delightful dinner and a comfortable overnight stay in a ger camp. (B/L/D)
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Day 6
Visit Undurkhaan
Our journey continues as we drive to the heart of Khentii province, Undurkhaan, covering a distance of 260 kilometers (approximately 160 miles) from Dadal. Undurkhaan offers a rich cultural and historical experience for visitors, including museums, monuments and sites associated with Genghis Khan. As the day comes to an end, we'll enjoy a satisfying dinner and settle in for the night in a ger camp. (B/L/D)
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Khuduu Aral
Day 7
Khuduu Aral & the “Secret History of the Mongols”
Today, our journey takes us to Khuduu Aral, which lies 135 kilometers away from Undurkhaan. This location holds immense historical significance, as it was where the "Secret History of the Mongols" was written in 1240. Furthermore, the area boasts the discovery of the ancient city of Aurag's ruins by archaeologists. The "Secret History of the Mongols" offers insights into the lives, wars and political developments of the Mongols during the time of Genghis Khan.

After a hearty lunch, we'll delve into an exploration of Chinggis Khaan's monument and the intriguing remnants of the Aurag city. It is believed that Chinggis Khaan himself used to quench his thirst from the natural mineral springs located near these ruins. As the day draws to a close, we'll relish a delicious dinner and spend the night in the comfort of a ger camp.

Total driving distance: 135 km (approximately 85 miles). (B/L/D).
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XIII century park
Day 8
XIII Century Park Guided Trip
Today, we'll drive to the XIII century park, a distinctive complex spanning a 15 x 15 km area. This extraordinary site encompasses six camps, each representing unique tribes, all meticulously crafted in the style of the XIII century. It provides a remarkable window into Mongol history. We'll spend the night in a ger camp, reflecting on our day's exploration.

Total driving distance: 150 km (approximately 95 miles). (B/L/D).
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Ulan Bator
Day 9
Transfer by car / minibus: XIII Century Park - Ulaanbaatar
Today, our journey leads us back to Ulan Bator, spanning a distance of approximately 96 km (about 60 miles). During our return, we'll make a stop at the renowned Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex. After reaching Ulan Bator, we'll transfer you to your hotel, where you'll spend the night in comfort. (B/L/D).
Day 10
Transfer from the hotel to the airport
Following breakfast, you will receive a transfer to the airport for your international departure. (B)
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