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Experience Mongolia's Winter Magic: Ice & Camel Festivals (MN-09)

Group size
2-14 people
10 days
Ulaanbaatar, Dalanzadgad, Murun, Khuvsgul, Lake Khuvsgul
Price by request
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Embark on a thrilling 10-day journey, where you'll embrace Mongolia's winter wonders and immerse yourself in its rich cultural traditions during the annual March ice and camel festivals. The renowned Ice Festival features captivating ice sculptures and an array of traditional winter sports, including ice marathons, wrestling, horse sledding, and ice driving competitions. Venturing to the South Gobi, you'll encounter the Camel Festival, organised by a local non-governmental organisation committed to preserving the Bactrian camel population. This extraordinary festival offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of camels and engage with nomadic herders.

During this festive season, you'll witness locals adorned in traditional winter attire, complete with fur hats and winter deels, and the grand finale will be a fireworks display. For those daring souls unafraid of the cold, don't miss this chance to partake in these cherished winter traditions!

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  • International flights
  • Domestic flights in Mongolia
  • Accommodation
  • Full board meals
  • English – speaking guides
  • Guided tours & entrance fees
  • Airport transfers
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Ulan Bator
Day 1
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
Arrival in Ulan Bator and transfer to your hotel. (D).
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Lake Khuvsgul
Day 2
Transfer from the hotel to the airport
Ulan Bator - Murun: Ulaanbaatar - Murun
Transfer by car / minibus: Murun - Khuvsgul
Enjoy Frozen Lake Khuvsgul
On day two we will meet our team and drive to Chinggis Khaan Airport. After a short flight we’ll arrive to Murun, the centre of Khuvsgul province. Upon arrival, we’ll drive to the atmospheric frozen lake Khuvsgul. We will then have dinner and spend the night in a ger camp on the lake shore.(B/L/D).
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Lake Khuvsgul
Day 3
Ice Festival & Marathon
After a relaxing breakfast, we will enjoy the dramatic opening ceremony of the Ice Festival. We will watch in awe as traditional instruments are played as part of the Mongolian folk music concert and we will also witness a unique shamanic ritual. Today will also mark the start of the first round of the Ice Marathon. During this round, ice skaters will participate in a 100 km (63 miles) race. Our group will have plenty of opportunities for photography and horse riding on the frozen lake. Another highlight is our visit to a nomadic family in the area. After dinner, there is a special ceremony where the foreigner wearing the best Mongolian Deel will be elected and awarded with a medal and a certificate by the office of the province governor. (B/L/D).
Day 4
Ice Festival Closing Ceremony
The ice driving competition is the focus of today. During this part, local drivers will compete and display their skills. We will also watch ice wrestling, horse sledding and horse riding and make a visit to a nomadic family. After dinner, the closing ceremony will be celebrated with fireworks. Spend the night in a ger camp. (B/L/D).
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Ulan Bator
Day 5
Transfer by car / minibus: Lake Khuvsgul - Murun
Murun - Ulan Bator: Murun - Ulaanbaatar
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
Breakfast at the ger camp and then we’ll drive back to Murun for the flight back to Ulan Bator. Transfer to a hotel. Have a leisurely day in the capital and spend the night at our hotel. (B/L/D).
Day 6
Eagle Festival
Meet our team and then drive to the Chinggisiin Khuree area to attend the Eagle Hunting Festival. Here, we will watch the eagle hunting competition, horseback archery competition and eagle training demonstration. Our alfresco picnic lunch will be in beautiful snowy surroundings. After the festival finishes (by 5pm), we will drive back to Ulan Bator and transfer to the hotel. (B/L/D).
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Day 7
Transfer from the hotel to the airport
Ulan Bator - Dalanzadgad: Ulaanbaatar - Dalanzadgad
Travel to the airport for the morning flight to Dalanzadgad (1.5 hours). The capital of Umnugobi province, this is a semi-arid desert zone in the south-Gobi and it is the southernmost province of Mongolia. It is a wonderful and highly photogenic - not to mention desolate - part of the world. Check in to your gers and enjoy dinner at the lodge. (B/L/D).
Day 8
Camel Festival
Camel Racing
Today is all about camels! The competition begins with the race of adult camels, which is followed by the two-year-old camels’ race. It is possible to place a bet and back the camel of your choice. The camels are judged on their speed during the 12 km (7.5 miles) and 15 km (9.5 miles) races. The first three camels to cross the finishing line fastest in each age category are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. Enjoy lunch in Bulgan Soum. In the afternoon, the most awaited competition begins. This competition is the Camel Relay. It consists of catching, taming, training and finally loading a camel with an actual ger. There are several teams of 5 member and each person performs a different task. The closing ceremony takes place later in the afternoon, where the winners are presented with trophies. This is a truly magical and highly memorable day. Dinner and overnight stay in a camp. (B/L/D).
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Ulan Bator
Day 9
Dalanzadgad - Ulan Bator: Dalanzadgad - Ulaanbaatar
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
After an early breakfast we will drive to Dalanzadgad for our return flight to Ulan Bator. Upon arrival in Ulan Bator, transfer to your hotel. (B/L/D).
Day 10
Transfer from the hotel to the airport
Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport for international departure. (B).
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