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Practical Information
Kamchatka Trekking

Need to Know - Kamchatka

Kamchatka Trekking


We highly recommend you to review all the information following the links below before your tour. 

Please be aware that Kamchatka is a remote destination where the grade of accommodation and infrastructure in general may be lower than those which would be expected to be found in western countries. Our Kamchatka tours are first of all an opportunity to see wildlife and explore a unique flora and fauna. So please be prepared to some discomfort and varied weather conditions.

Showers and Toilet Facilities

There are no showers in camps only at the hotels. While camping there will be washstands. Hot water will be provided by your guides.

Toilet in camps will be a simple wooden structure with a hole. No bio toilets are provided as these cannot be cleaned.


The tour may include short days of strenuous activity, including paths along volcanic glaciers. These routes also may involve ascent and descent and the occasional difficult day, and therefore it is important for all participants to be reasonably fit. As long as you are confident of your physical condition, previous experience is not essential, although it is desirable.

Your Accommodation

Please note that despite limited alternatives we use the best available accommodation options. Your main accommodation while trekking will be tents and a guest house with bunk beds. Please see the detailed description in the "Accommodation" tab.
If you are a single traveller, you will be staying in:
  • A single room at a hotel in Moscow and Petropavlovsk;
  • A single tent while trekking;
  • A bunk bed in a room with 8 beds at the guest house at Kurilskoye Lake.

Personal Equipment

You will need to bring your Personal Trekking / Camping Equipment on a tour.

Other Information

Please read these important sections for your tour: