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Safety Policy
School & University Trips

School Trips Safety Policy

We are fully aware of the many responsibilities taken by the school and in particular the teachers when organising overseas tours. Therefore we pay the utmost attention and detail to the health and safety aspects of our school excursions ensuring the smooth running of your trip and peace of mind for teachers and parents alike. From the cultural to adventure trips, we will discuss with you from the start, the nature of the trip and activities and provide detailed operational information to enable you to choose the proper activity level. 

All those responsible for the contracting and operation of the travel arrangemetns in Russia have a clear duty of care to carry out their duties in such a way to ensure that standards of health and safety are regularly monitored and improved where appropriate.

We hold Public and Products Liability insurance. We also provide a high level of financial security for all our customers, as our company is a fully bonded UK tour operator. We hold a valid license from the Civil Aviation Authority, which means all monies paid to our company are fully secured.


We realise you may well want to visit your chosen destination before taking your group there, so that you can plan your programme and complete any necessary risk assessment in relation to your accommodation and itinerary. If you wish to pay an advance visit, please contact our office for details. Our own regular visits to Russia ensure that all our guides, as well as other local suppliers, meet our high professional standards. Our annual inspection trips guarantee that you can expect the best possible service from us. Everything is planned down to the finest detail so that you could have a truly enjoyable trip.


Our qualified staff members select and monitor accommodation to ensure that all properties conform to all local and European legislation, as well as meeting our own health and safety criteria. All the hotels we use are fully compliant with local fire and safety regulations.

We use hotels with local ratings; but please note that Russian star ratings sometimes vary from those in Western Europe. To avoid disappointment and give an opinion first-hand, we provide our own Go Russia rating if it differs from the official one.


In most cases we tend to use private transfers and vehicles, to avoid overcrowded local transport, but we may also use public transport, such as trains, metro or boat, if appropriate. We believe this is a good way to mix with locals and avoid any “goldfish-bowl” effect.

Moscow and St. Petersburg have two of the best underground systems – they’re safe, quick, reliable and punctual! No delays, no waiting around! In the rush hour, the Moscow Metro is the easiest and quickest way to get around. Although we do have our private bus for transport within the city, you might still want to visit the Moscow metro or use it on your own during your free time. Remember, taking the Moscow Metro is a sightseeing excursion in itself! Meanwhile, although St Petersburg has an equally fine Metro system, as the city is more walker-friendly you’ll be able to get to most inner-city sights without the need to use it. The system takes a little time to work out, but once you’ve got it with the help of our guide, you’ll definitely enjoy travelling by tube!

All our tour coaches are fitted with seatbelts. All our drivers are very experienced professionals who are used to driving on the busy streets and traffic of Moscow and St Petersburg.

On overnight journeys we mostly use trains. Overnight train transport is much quicker, more comfortable and also more cost-effective than coach, as travellers save both time for their daytime activities and money on hotel accommodation.


Go Russia has local English speaking guides, as well as representatives in each city who can provide useful additional assistance where needed. Their professional experience, local knowledge and language skills can prove invaluable in many circumstances. When booking you can choose either to have a full-time representative throughout your trip, or to explore the cities more independently with the guides only accompanying you for your sightseeing programme.

Please note the party leader and accompanying staff are responsible for the members of their group at all times. The party leader should provide Go Russia with an emergency contact number in the UK who can be reached in case of delay or accident. In addition the party leader should have emergency contact details for the parents / guardians of all members of the group, including partners and / or next of kin for staff. 

All members of the group must obey the rules and / or guidelines of the accommodation where they are staying and must respect the needs of other guests. All members of the group must respect the regulations in force at any excursion location (such as museums, churches, nature reserves) and during all activities.


Before departure you will be provided with all the necessary contact details for your trip, including our 24-hour UK and Russian emergency contact numbers, which you can use whilst abroad.


Crimes against people and property, particularly in cities, are a regrettable fact of life throughout the world and Russia is no exception. You and your students have the same responsibility for your personal safety and for securing your possessions that you have at home.

The FCO Travel Advice Unit was set up to help British travellers avoid trouble by providing up-to date advice about any threat to their safety arising from changes in the local situation, in around 100 countries worldwide. Details of their security advice for the Russian Federation can be found at the British FCO website:

Vaccinations or inoculations may be recommended for travel to some of the regions described on our web-site but, as circumstances can change frequently, you should check with your doctor. The UK Department of Health (DH) produces a free booklet called ‘Health Advice for Travellers’ and this can be obtained by calling the Health Literature Line on 0800 555777. You can also visit the DH’s website on and check information in the section on “Health advice for travellers”. Please also check health advise travelling in Non-EEA countires under the following link. If you suffer from any illness, please ensure that you take enough medication on holiday with you, as some medicines may not be available locally.