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Tour Extensions & Day Trips
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Tour Extensions & Day Trips in Kiev

Kiev Guided City TourStart your discovery of Kiev with a guided city tour by car. You will see such beautiful places as St. Archangel Michael’s Golden Domes Monastery built in 12th century, Golden Gates - the main triumphal entrance of ancient Kiev; St. Vladimir Cathedral built in the 19th century. The cathedral is a unique monument of architecture and arts due to its murals executed by the famous Russian artists of the 19th century. Stroll along the main street of Kiev - Kreshatik Street. In the afternoon you will also visit St. Sophia Cathedral – a majestic 13-domed cathedral built in 1037.
3 hours | £40 per person
Visit to Andriyivsky UzvizVisit to the famous street in Kiev - Andriyivsky Uzviz (Andriyivsky Descent).The most ancient and steep street in Kiev, Andriyivsky Uzviz, is Kievers’ favorite place for outdoor fairs, festivals, and concerts. Art galleries, shops, and studios make Andriyivsky Uzviz the best place to shop for Ukrainian crafts and artworks. Cultural museums located here reveal the history of the legendary street and of the whole Kiev. Overlooking Andriyivsky Uzviz and Podil, the old section of Kiev, stands the Ukrainian Baroque church of St. Andrew designed in 1754 by the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The Castle of Richard in the modernized Gothic style, built in 1902, is another of distinctive features of Andriyivsky Uzviz.
£30 per person
Guided Tour to Kievo-Pecherska LavraGuided tour to Kievo-Pecherska Lavra (monastery) – a sacred place of the Orthodoxy, with architectural ensemble of 11-19th centuries. At the present time Kievo-Pecherska Lavra is an active monastery and National Historical Architectural Preserve. Visit to its cathedrals, museums, exhibitions as well as to the caves with the saint relics.
3 hours | £40 per person
Chernobyl Guided TourOur full day tour inside the 30km exclusion zone around Chernobyl affords a unique opportunity to see the remains of the nuclear power station which was the site of a terrible accident in 1986. Today, the nearby city of Pripyat lies abandoned. It’s safe to visit – the amount of radiation you’ll get is the equivalent to what you’d experience on a two hour flight and less than having an X-ray. On the tour, you’ll see apartments which still bear witness to this disaster that led to the hurried evacuation of over 50,000 residents.
£95 per person