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Tour Extensions & Day Trips
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Tour Extensions & Day Trips in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg City Tour by CarIt is impossible not to fall in love with St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Start your discovery of St. Petersburg with a guided city tour by car that will take you around the stunning "Venice of the North"; you will see the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Church of Christ's Resurrection (The Saviour of the Blood). You will also see the famous cruiser Aurora; the legendary ship whose canon gave the signal, on the order of Lenin, for the beginning of the Great Social Revolution more than 90 years ago.
4 hours | £75 per person
City Tour & Visit to the Cruiser AvroraYour guide will tell you the story of the city, the events that have left their scars on its face, its optimistic and dramatic plans for the future, together with anecdotes about its strange, friendly and colourful inhabitants, and answer any questions you might have about this most fascinating of cities. Additionally to your St. Petersburg guided city tour you will visit the legendary Avrora cruiser, famous for firing the signal of storming of the Winter Palace – official beginning of 1917 Revolution.
4 hours | £90 per person
Hermitage Museum (Winter Palace) Guided TourA guided tour of the Hermitage, former residence of the Russian Tzars and one of best museums of the world. This stunning palace, an architectural masterpiece in itself, contains a collection over 3,000,000 works of art representing the development of world culture and art from the Stone Age to the 20th century. The collection includes works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Raphael, French impressionists, sculptures and treasures icons, coins and Tsar’s jewellery. The Hermitage is an unforgettable place to visit.
4 hours | £60 per person
Half Day Guided Tour to Tsarskoe Selo (Catherine Palace & Amber Room)Guided visit to one of the major architectural treasures of the Royal St. Petersburg - settlement of Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin) located 25km south of the city. This small town has two gigantic palaces, set amidst huge and beautiful parkland: the glorious Catherine Palace, a Baroque masterpiece by the Italian architecture Bartolomeo Rastrelli, and the Alexander Palace, where the last tsar family dwelt. We will visit the Catherine’s Palace with the Amber Room. It features splendid interiors, designed by eminent architects Rastrelli, Cameron, Stasov and Monighetti.
5 hours | £110 per person
Russian Museum Guided TourRussian museum features the largest collection of Russian art no other museum in the world can boast of. Over 400,000 exhibits reflect history of Russian fine art from the ancient icons to the 20th century avant-garde, presenting all the stages, schools and genres. The permanent exhibition of the State Russian Museum presents the works of Russian and Soviet artists and covers the period from the 11th century till nowadays. Along with paintings, the museum boasts unique collections of works of folk art, decorative and applied art, and numismatics.
4 hours | £60 per person
Folk Show at Nikolaevsky PalaceThe folk show "Feel Yourself Russian" is comprised of the bright performances of St. Petersburg professional folk companies. During two hours of this dynamic colourful and picturesque show you will hear tuneful folk songs - romantic, and full of life, watch sparkling dances of different provinces of Russia, and learn that some items - such as saws, wooden spoons, and other traditional household appliances - can also be used as musical instruments! The national colour of the performance is enriched with the bright dresses made in accordance with Russian traditions.
2 hours | £55 per person
Museum of Political History of Russia Guided TourThe State Museum of the Political History of Russia, former the State Museum of Revolution, was created on October 9, 1919, by decree of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers and the Red Army Deputies. Among the initiators were prominent figures in the Bolshevik Party and the narodnik (populist) movement, and representatives of the intelligentsia. By the mid 1920s it had a unique collection of revolutionary banners, an extremely valuable collection of leaflets of the different political parties, posters, and objects from that period.
3 hours | £60 per person
St. Isaac's Cathedral Guided TourThe gleaming golden dome of the St. Isaac's Cathedral soars majestically above the rooftops and is visible from Gulf of Finland. It is one of the finest architectural monuments of the XIX century and famous landmark of St. Petersburg. St. Isaac's Cathedral is the forth largest domed cathedral in the world, after the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome, the Cathedral of St. Paul in London and the Cathedral of St. Maria in Florence.
2 hours | £60 per person
Artistic St. Petersburg Guided Tour’Peter’ is the local colloquial name for enchanting, bohemian St. Petersburg, one of the greatest artistic cities in the world. We offer a fascinating tour through Peter’s most famous galleries, starting with Pushkinskaya 10, a symbol of the city’s famous spirit of resistance. This dates back to the Decembrist revolt of the early 19th century, and was shown again with Siege of Leningrad in WWII, and the underground artistic movement of Soviet times.
4 hours | £65 per person
St. Petersburg City Tour & Guided Visit to the Peter and Paul FortressAfter your guided city tour around St. Petersburg you will visit Peter & Paul’s Fortress. Built on the small Hare Island to secure Russia’s position on the River Neva delta and in order to protect the Neva lands, regained during the Northern War, from possible attacks by Swedish troops, the Peter and Paul Fortress did not actually see the actual combat until 25 October 1917. Recently this doughty fortress-cum-prison has had many of its buildings converted into museums and features a splendid cathedral containing the tombs of the Romanov monarchs.
4 hours | £90 per person
Draw Bridges Night Tour by CarLike Venice, St. Petersburg is spread across a lot of big and small islands and it's hard to walk more than a few hundred meters without crossing a bridge! St. Petersburg has the largest number of bridges of any city in the entire world. With a total of 539 bridges (315 in the historical centre alone), not even Venice, Stockholm or Amsterdam can beat the city’s total! And more than 20 of all bridges are drawbridges. The elegance of some bridges can be compared only to the beauty of the city architectural ensembles. The bridges of St. Petersburg have become an integral part of the city.
2 hours | £125 per person
Hermitage & the Golden Chamber Guided TourAdditionally to our regular tour in the Hermitage museum we offer you the unforgettable visit to the Golden Room, displaying the smallest and most valuable treasures. The room is situated in the part of the Winter Palace where auxiliary services were originally located. The exhibition features unique objects unearthed on the territories of the Northern Black Sea Coastlands and Northern Caucasus. These artefacts, created by Scythian, Greek and ancient Oriental craftsmen, include ceremonial arms, plates and dishes, bits of horse harness and decorations for clothing. All these articles were buried in the barrows of Scythian and Sarmatian "kings" (5th-3rd centuries BC), the most famous of them being the Solokha and Chertomlyk mounds.
4 hours | £100 per person
Half Day Guided Tour to Petrodvorets (Palace, Fountain and Park Ensemble)Half day tour to the suburbs of St Petersburg to visit one of the magnificent summer palaces - Petrodvorets. The Peterhof (Petrodvorets) is a world-famous palace, fountain and park complex, and an outstanding landmark of Russian artistic culture of the 18-19th centuries. Founded in the very beginning of the eighteenth century by Emperor Peter the Great not far from his new northern capital St. Petersburg, Peterhof was intended to become the most splendid official royal summer residence.
5 hours | £110 per person
Yusupov Palace Guided TourOnce belonging to prince Yusupov noble family it is one of the most beautiful palaces in St. Petersburg. Its expositions reflect refined luxury, splendour of high life, human relationships and the history of rich aristocratic family. During the tour you will see luxurious decorations of the interiors: murals, carvings, marble, mirrors, gilded chandelier, expensive silk clothes and refined furniture. The palace is also known for the murder of Grigory Rasputin who is believed as having influenced the later days of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II.
3 hours | £70 per person
St. Petersburg Boat Trip with an Audio-guideA new perspective on St. Petersburg can be gained from water-level and the boat trips visit some areas of the city that might not be reached on ground. The looming silhouettes of the bridges, the grandeur of the waterways, the granite embankments with their various piers and slipways, the 18th and 19th century palaces and parks on the banks of the Neva and the canals, architectural landmarks in the form of the domes and spires of churches and cathedrals, visible from a long way off - all this contributes to the unique appearance of the "Venice of the North". The boat trip is with a recorded audio-guide.
1 hour | £25 per person
State Museum of the Defense and Blockade of LeningradThis small but extremely moving museum collection is dedicated perhaps to the most harrowing period of the city's historical siege and defence of Leningrad during the Second World War. Displays show the famine-ravaged city and the heroic efforts to somehow get food in from beyond the blockade, across the frozen Lake Ladoga; the famous 'Road of Life' is depicted here. More than one million people died during the Blockade. Their sacrifice and the extraordinary endurance of the survivors is a source of both immense pride and profound sorrow of Leningrad.
3 hours | £60 per person
Eclectic Architecture of St. PetersburgWe start on the Petrograd side, where we discover fabulous art nouveau houses and charming courtyards. This mainly residential, now upper middle class area is crammed with art nouveau buildings from the late 19th century. The housing boom of the time spread to this part of St. Petersburg and created this extraordinary, enchanting style of architecture. The apartment buildings, banks and offices, richly decorated with floral designs and images of the mythical birds and animals of the North, reflect the passion for extravagance of pre-WWI St. Petersburg and the industrial and financial developments of the time.
4 hours | £65 per person
Dostoevsky Guided WalkExplore the legacy of Fyodor Dostoevsky, the famous Russian novelist. Walk in the footsteps of characters from Dostoevsky’s stories, including Crime and Punishment, Netochka Nezvanova, White Nights, and Poor Folk. Our Dostoevsky discovery tour will take you to many places around St. Petersburg associated with this famous Russian: the site of his mock execution in Semenovsky Square, the Hay Market, or Sennaya Ploschad , the heart of the city’s slums in Dostoyevsky's time. We also visit the Dostoevsky museum, in the apartment where Dostoevsky spent the two last years of his life and wrote The Brothers Karamazov. Many of the writer’s possessions are on display.
4 hours | £65 per person