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Tour Extensions & Day Trips
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Tour Extensions & Day Trips in Veliky Novgorod

Yuriev Monastery Guided TourThe Yuriev (St. George's) Monastery is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site named Historic Monuments of Novgorod the Great and its Surroundings. It is one of Russia's oldest monasteries founded in 1030 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise whose Christian name was George. The monastery is situated on the left bank of the Volkhov River near where it flows out of Lake Ilmen, only three miles away from Novgorod.
3 hours | £95 per person
Novgorod Kremlin Guided TourWe will visit the Novgorod Kremlin (traditionally known as the Detinets) - a masterpiece of the medieval architecture which also contains the oldest palace in Russia dating back to 1433 – the Chamber of the Facets, which served as the main meeting hall of the Russian archbishops; the oldest Russian bell tower from mid 15th century, and the oldest Russian clock tower. The Kremlin also features a royal palace and a bronze monument to the Millennium of Russia, representing the most important figures from the country's history.
5 hours | £95 per person
Vitoslavlitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture Guided TourWe will visit Vitoslavlitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture situated along the Volkhov river and Myachino Lake, close to the Yuriev Monastery where you will find over 20 wooden buildings dating back from XIV – XIX century which were brought here from various parts of the Novgorod region, among them wooden churches, dwelling houses and mills.
£95 per person