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Tour Extensions & Day Trips
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Tour Extensions & Day Trips in Volgograd

Volgograd City Tour and Visit to Mamayev HillDuring this excursion you will see highlights of one of the largest and most famous cities in Russia. The tour starts with a walk along Peace Street, which was the first area of Volgograd to be restored after World War II. You will have a chance to see the old poplar in the memorial Square of Fallen Heroes, a silent witness of the battle of Stalingrad and a symbol of ever lasting life.
Down from the Square of Fallen Heroes on the way to Volga Embankment, you will pass the Alley of Heroes - a monumental example of Stalinist architecture - at the end of which you will reach the “River gates of the city” - the central embankment overlooking the mighty Volga River. The last visit point of this excursion will be the world famous Mamaev Hill, with its striking main sculpture “Motherland Calls” and a fascinating panoramic view over the city, the Volga river and its beautiful banks.
4 hours | £95 per person
Excursion to Mamayev Hill War MemorialWe will visit Mamayev Hill - a colossal memorial “To the Heroes of the Stalingrad Battle” crowned by the allegorical 85 metres tall statue of Motherland.which is by far the most fascinating sights in Volgograd. We will also visit the Square of Sorrow, Hall of Warrior Glory and a Military Cemetery all belonging to this unique Mamaev Hill War Memorial.
3 hours | £95 per person
Volga Don Navigation Canal and MuseumThe idea of constructing a canal connecting Volga and Don, two mighty rivers in Western Russia, goes back to the Russian Emperor Peter the Great. However, due to various reasons his plans were abandoned. This waterway connects the Volga and Don rivers in their narrowest joining place; at a length of 101km it plays a vital part in cargo transportation, linking five Seas: the White, the Baltic, the Black, the Caspian and the Sea of Azov. We will visit the Volga side of the canal, situated in the suburbs of Volgograd. We will see the first lock and its gates, dominated by a beautiful arch. The Canal museum will reveal exciting facts about the building, history and work of the canal and its navigation.
5 hours | £175 per person
Excursion to State Panorama Museum of Stalingrad BattleWe will visit one of Volgograd’s world-famous sights of World War II. The Museum of Stalingrad Battle has 8 exhibition halls containing more than 3,500 exhibits, including the largest painted panorama in Russia, “The Defeat of Fascist Armies in Stalingrad”. The Museum also hosts an extraordinary collection of weapons, military equipment, documents, photographs, banners, and works of art. Next to the Museum building you will see more striking evidence of the horrors of war – the ruins of a mill. This five storey building was left undisturbed as a gruesome reminder to future generations, of what had happened in Volgograd in 1942.
£95 per person
Excursion to Ethnographic Open-air Museum of Ilovlya CossacksThis excursion will take you some 80 km outside Volgograd to the village of Ilovlya, a traditional Don Cossacks settlement. The museum itself represents a typical Cossacks estate beautifully set in the picturesque rural landscape. You will be greeted according to an old tradition with bread and salt and will have a tour around the village.
5 hours | £175 per person